Signs You May Benefit from Relationship Counseling

It really doesn’t matter how long or how short of a time you have been in a relationship with your significant other, issues can pop up and affect the relationship in a negative way. When the problems are left unaddressed, they tend to compound and get worse over time. This is exactly why so many couples turn to relationship counseling, not only to address their current issues but also to give them the skills required to deal with future things that will pop.

So how do you know it may be time to seek either online relationship counseling or in-person counseling? What are the signs to watch for? Here are a few of the most common.

You Seem to Fight and Bicker All the Time

While it’s perfectly normal to have fights and arguments from time to time in a relationship, it’s not normal to have them on a regular basis. If it has gotten to the point where the two of you can’t even seem to have a regular conversation without it turning into a fight, then there’s a good chance outside help is needed.

Yelling, screaming, and fighting are not effective means of communicating, and if this is the main source of “communicating” in your relationship, then there is a real disconnect. With all the fighting going on, neither party is actually hearing the other, so there is a lack of respect and progress.

You Don’t Understand One Another

If you find that you can have a conversation with your partner, and clearly state how you are feeling and they take it a totally different way, then there is a problem with understanding. Putting out a message to your partner and having it received in the way you intend isn’t always smooth sailing. At times it can feel like the two of you are speaking totally different languages, which can lead to arguments, resentment, and hurt feelings.

It Seems as Though You Don’t Share the Same Relationship Goals

When couples first get together they often have the same relationship goals, but over time this can change. Life can take you in directions you weren’t expecting, which can change the way you look at your relationship. This can start to cause issues between the two of you, especially if you can’t talk about it openly.

There is No Talking Happening

It can be easy to look at a couple who fights a lot and jump to the conclusion that they need therapy, but for some couples the sign can be that the communicating and talking stops all together. Sure, you may not be yelling and fighting, but if you aren’t talking at all this is also a problem. It could be that you’re afraid to share your feelings, maybe you’re unsure of your feelings, or you just don’t know how to make them clear.

Don’t Wait – Seek Outside Help and Start to Mend

One of the best tips a couple can receive is that it’s best to seek help as soon as these warning signs start to pop up. Waiting only makes the problems worse and much harder to work through, causing stress, unhappiness, and disappointment.

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  1. True. I and my girlfriend often have some problems which lead to the silent situation. I always say nothing to her because I don’t know how to control my mind or even make it clear to her. However, no talking happen is not really all negative idea because both of us can use that time to think the reason why we have this fighting but I also understand that it will be better if we can say out what we think and try to find a solution to solve. So, it depends on what situation and how we deal with it.

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