Paperless post makes sending beautiful messages easy.

As a busy working mum, I often struggle to find time to sit down and write actual letters, invitations and cards. I know I SHOULD find the time somehow, but right now, where we are in life means that if I can do something that’s more convenient for me, but still gets the job done, then I am going to use that method. 

Paperless Post is perfect for me. It’s a convenient way for me to send cards, invitations and other greetings, either via the paperless method or you can have your items printed and sent. It’s a very easy to use site, and there are so many options and designs available to choose, so you can customize the perfect message for you. 

For me, it’s useful for a whole host of things, from birthday cards (particularly to family and friends abroad, it takes the stress of having to queue in the post office with grumpy children in tow, one of my least favorite things to do!) and also for event invitations. If you are organizing a party, a baby-shower, a bridal shower, or just a get together where you want to send invitations, then Paperless Post makes that easy. You can also send thank you messages if you have been the recipient of gifts or a party and want to be able to say thank you to your guests or gift givers. It’s also environmentally friendly, if you choose the online option, with less paper waste and a reduced carbon footprint. In this day and age, that’s important to me too.

I am currently in the middle of organizing a birthday celebration for the husband and I, for later in the summer, a baby shower for a family member, and already thinking about Christmas (yes, I know it’s June, but I have friends and family abroad, posting cards takes time and money, I like to plan) so it’s been incredibly handy for me to use Paperless Post to plan and design what I want, from the comfort of my laptop and phone, using their site and also their app which works really well. You can use already made designs (and they have hundreds of beautiful ideas for you) or you can customize your own just how you would like it. You can send items straight away or schedule them, and for events you can also monitor responses and who is attending and see messages from your invitees too. So handy and useful.

It’s pretty budget friendly when you consider the cost of buying paper products and sending them, and for me, that’s another reason why I would recommend them. 

So, if like me you like to send pretty and customized greetings, invites and messages, but you want the convenience of being able to do that easily online, then Paperless Post is definitely worth trying. Making life easier and getting stuff done well are important to me. Paperless Post helps with that….

*this is a collaborative post, we were asked to try some products, but all opinions are our own*


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