Here’s to a new knee…

If you follow our blog or social media, you will know that I have struggled with recurring knee issues for the past few years. I have had a couple of bad falls which have damaged my knees and also a life time on my feet as a nanny, nurse, and working with families where I am running around all day, as well as being a busy mum who walks everywhere, and also being a (very) amateur running, as well as having done ballet into my teens, hasn’t helped. 

My left knee has suffered a lot, in the past few years, with pain, inflammation and periods of time where I haven’t been able to run or do much exercise. It’s been an ongoing process of assessments, MRI scans, physiotherapy appointments, seeing a sports injury specialist (because my knee issues fall into that category) and treatment, exercises, rest, exploitative surgery, more treatment, knee supports… the list goes on!

It’s been long, somewhat frustraing, fairly painful, and it’s got a bit tedious. My knee and it’s issues have become part of life, as I have struggled to manage a knee that dislocates easily, is not stable, and ligament issues and cartilage damage, that have evolved from that.

Over the past couple of years, I have lost some weight and started to work on getting in shape and get fitter, and running (I am by no means a professional or really any good, but I love it) helped me with this. The knee issues have meant I have struggled to keep fit and in shape, though, with bouts of time off when was too painful. 

I hope to be able to start getting back into shape and getting fit again. It’s been a long road, to get to a place where my knee will be in good shape, to let me do this. 

So, five weeks ago, I had the first of two major surgeries to repair my knee. My knee has been unstable and badly positioned. So this first surgery repoistioned it, correctly, and and some tendons were released, as well. I also had some cartilage removed that was damaged and causing pain. This now means my knee is in the correct position, and stable. I have had to be very strict about resting post surgery, but at five weeks post op, I am doing well and it is healing beautifully and my medical team are really pleased with the results. 

I will have to face more surgery next year, a clinical trial of a new procedure in fact, to replace some ligaments that have been so damaged they can no longer function properly, but for now, the knee is almost pain free, it feels good, and is in far better shape than it has been for a long, long time. 

The end of a long road is almost halfway in site. Here’s to full recovery and a knee that holds me up for a long time to come…

A newish to me, knee. Up and about after three weeks of rest and recovery and on the way to fitness again. Knee brace is not fashionable but it keeps it stable whilst it heals!

*this piece is written as a collaborative post*


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  1. That is tremendous news and I say that as someone with about 30 years of knee trouble. I hope you enjoy your new knees and live life to the fullest.

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