Stuff we love – August: the tired mum edition…

This last month of August has gone fast. For us, it’s been a challenging month in many ways, but we have survived. I am TIRED though and tomorrow we are off on holiday to France for a week, which is much needed and I can’t wait. 

I am focusing on things I love that work for me, as a tired mum. We sometimes still struggle with sleep, and I don’t get much time to nap, or rest really, normally, so there are things I use that help me feel, or look (hopefully) a little more human and less like I have had no sleep (which does happen – sleep is for the weak, right?)

I am a huge coffee lover, and normally make my own, or the husband makes it for me. But occasionally, when I am really tired and need that extra OOMPH, I reach for a cheeky can of double shot espresso. It’s sweet and strong, and does the trick. It’s as close as I get to an energy drink!

Sometimes I don’t quite get to wash my hair, and I find that dry shampoo helps to give my hair a bit of lift, and my current favourite is this powder from Bumble & Bumble. It is easy to use and a little goes a long way. I actually put it on overnight and brush it out first thing.

Liz Earle is a firm favourite of mine and this Brightening Treatment Mask really helps to perk my skin up, and give it glow. Once or twice a week really helps!

I recently started using REN products and these two are on  my list of “make mum look like she’s had SOME sleep”. Keep Young And Beautiful Instant beauty shot tightens and brightens and the Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial used once or twice a week really do help. They are not cheap but a little goes a long way, so they are worth investing in!

I get tired and puffy eyes, so this Pep Start eye cream from Clinique helps to ease that, and I use eye drops for tired eyes, that are also safe for contact lenses, to brighten them up and bring a bit of relief. 

When I am tired, I often want to eat comfort, carbs and sugar. The only problem is I am tired a lot, so eating cake and crisps (my go to, bad I know) a lot isn’t good for my waistline or my blood sugar. These bars from Cliff are great, a little bit of sweet, but a bit better for me, and because they are vegan, they are suitable for my dairy allergic boys too. 

And when all else fails, there is always a good stiff Gin & Tonic, which conveniently come in ice lolly form from Aldi, and frankly, the person who invented them wins all the awards from this tired mum! 😉

So that’s us for August. Here comes autumn. My favourite season. See you next month! 

*this post is not sponsored or paid. Just products I have found and love and want to share*


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