Accentuate – a fun game for Christmas

If you are looking for some stocking stuffer items that will be fun adults to play around Christmas, then you can’t really go wrong with a game that everyone can enjoy and play. 

Accentuate is a hilarious guess the accent game that we have thoroughly enjoyed playing  and it’s kept us amused and laughing when we have played it. I am not a big fan of games normally, but this one IS fun and perfect for that post Christmas Lunch slump when you are waiting for the Queen to appear on television to make her speech. 

The game that will have you laughing your accents off!

It’s simple: read a quote from a Quotation Card in the accent printed on the Accent Card selected; if your team mates guess correctly you win the points displayed on the accent card.

The trick is to convey the essence of the accent to your team mates, without giving any verbal or visual clues. Your team mates’ jobs are to giggle hysterically, ridicule you and – regardless of how terrible your accent is – guess correctly.

This game is utterly hilarious. We played it with friends who came over for dinner recently, and it had us in stitches, and kept us all laughing. Much fun was made of the terrible and also quite authentic sounding accents that apparently can be produced with a little audience to impress. 

We would highly recommend this if you are looking for a fun gift, that’s a bit different, for someone who likes games or who might think they are an accent expert who needs to prove it publicly, or just for something fun to enjoy with friends. I will say that the accents get sillier depending on your wine consumption, but that’s based on our evening of fun. 

It’s simple to play and follow the rules, and if you are really clever you can record some accent mimicry and use it for future bribery purposes (not that I would ever dream of doing such a thing, of course! πŸ˜‰ )

For me to say it’s fun, it must be. Add it to your Christmas shopping list, now, I promise you will not regret it!

*we were kindly sent a game of Accentuate to try out, all wine and ensuing hilarity were are own making*


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