Off the booze…

That’s right. You read it correctly. 

This gin loving, wine appreciating mum is off the booze. 

I started properly yesterday. I know visiting family and not having my usual Gin & Tonic, and refusing a glass of wine over lunch, this past weekend/New Year’s Day caused raised eyebrows. I am sure there are rumors that I’m pregnant or something doing the rounds. Nope, sorry, sadly not. 

I am on a mini mission to loose the almost 14lb I have gained since the knee op forced me into inactivity, whilst I recovered. I will admit to having eaten my feelings, a fair bit whilst recovering, because I love my food, but exercise was the one thing that kept my weight where I wanted it to be, so it’s crept back. 

I don’t drink a lot by many standards, but I do love a good gin, and appreciate prosecco and wine, and there are a lot of empty calories in them all. 

Also, to be frank, there are several people in my life who have a problem with alcohol and how it affects them. I won’t go into details, their life is not mine to share, but needless to say, watching the effect drinking has had on them, has made me reflect on my own drinking habits. I am not an alcoholic, nor do I qualify as someone with a drinking problem. However, I do feel in my own personal habits, I have been reaching for wine, or other drinks, more than is possibly good for me. It’s become a comfort and a pattern that I don’t feel entirely comfortable with. I don’t NEED alcohol to cope with life, but sometimes I do feel a little edgy when I hear myself saying “can I have a drink of wine yet?”

My decision to reduce my drinking is not a reflection on other people and what they drink. I am not throwing stones at anyone, or being smug or sanctimonious. For me, a period of no alcohol will be good for me, and that’s all I am concerned about. It won’t hurt me to not drink. My little collection of gin will last longer into the year if it’s not touched for three months. My body will feel better for it, and it may be good for my mind. 

So, that’s me. Off the booze. I would say “wish me luck” but I don’t think it’s luck needed, just a bit of resolve on my part to take care of me…

Now, I also need to hide the children’s chocolate stash too so I don’t eat that when they are back at school! 😉


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  1. I haven’t had a drink since May 2009. As someone with addiction to coffee issues the best advice I can give is he mindset. When I gave up coffee it was a tough 2 days then it began to be easier even when I got the weird looks for drinking herbs teas. Good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine. Focus on the end goal and I’m here if you ever need me.

  2. This dry January is very popular.I have many friends doing it. I think I will try to drink less Merlot too but I am not totally giving it up! I will be better and just treat myself when we are out or something like that

  3. Good luck with it. Before you know it the time has gone. My husband and I are giving up alcohol through January to start and then go from there. I am also hoping to lose a little bit of extra weight I have been carrying by giving it up, as long as I don’t eat more than I need. 🙂

  4. I am sure you are not the only person giving up alcohol this month but I wish you luck in sticking with it, I already know 2 people that have given in haha I am not much of a drinker but giving up chocolate would be near impossible for me!

  5. I’ve never actually had Gin & Tonic! I’m not much of a drinker at all – as in I can count how many times in a year I drink. I think I just don’t like the taste of alcohol so it’s not something I reach for. Christmas Eve we went to this lovely Italian restaurant and they gave me a bit of Prosecco to taste for the table (worst person to choose!). Apparently I made a good decision, but the Prosecco that was poured for me was sipped maybe 4 times before my fiancé finished it for me at the end of the meal! I definitely have been drinking a lot of water and no added sugar drinks, so I think anything that’s sweet or even looks sweet puts me off now. All the best!

  6. Keep strong, and think of why your doing this if it gets tough! Well done, and best of luck. I look forward to reading more about your experiences!

  7. Good luck! Dry January is quite popular so hopefully that helps, and perhaps others will be doing it too. We don’t generally do it as it’s my husband’s birthday in January and to be honest we don’t drink that much. Good luck with staying away from the chocolate though, that’s my big issue!

  8. We did consider this but I was brought s beautiful gin glass by my Secret Santa which has ruined all plans. The new plan is not to buy another bottle of gin when this one is empty which I think will work better!

  9. Well done you! I’ve been doing this too. I’ve put on a little bit of chub since I’ve started working at home (my job used to be more active) and although I’m exercising, I am one to reach for the occasional drink too. I’m going to go the whole month and even more. Just like you the pregnancy rumours have surfaced (also not the case here!), which is so funny. I hope you do well and you shed the weight you want to xxx

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