12 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

Don’t allow a hectic career or home life to impact your personal happiness. Actively look for ways to relieve unwanted stress and tension in your body. If you are unsure how to do so, take a look at the following 12 ways to de-stress your life.

Go for a 10-Minute Walk

Walking can increase your endorphins, which can reduce production of stress hormones in your body. Walking for a little as 10 minutes per day can significantly improve your mental and physical health, as you can enjoy a clearer head. Walk through a green space to enter a state of meditation, which is known as involuntary attention, as the setting will hold your attention while allowing reflection.

Have Some Fun

Laughter is the best medicine, which is why you should make time to have a little fun with your friends. There are many activities you can try to make fantastic memories with your closest friends. For instance, you could enjoy a game of bowling or enter an Indianapolis Escape Room.

Kiss Your Partner More

It is believed that kissing can be an effective method for relieving stress, as it causes your brain to release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. A North-western University study of 2,000 couples found that those who only kissed during sexual intercourse were eight times more likely to experience depression or chronic stress. So, de-stress your body by putting some time aside in your busy schedule to kiss your partner.

Step Away from the Computer Screen

Many people spend their days staring at a computer screen, but constant use could be detrimental to your health. It is believed that uninterrupted usage can cause high levels of stress, depression, or sleep deprivation in women. Late night usage has also been associated with higher levels of stress in both men and women. So, ensure you take regular breaks from a computer throughout the day, turn off email notifications, and aim to shut down the device at least an hour before you go to bed. You will feel happier for it.

Buy a Houseplant

Houseplants are more than just a natural decorative accessory within the home. Researchers have discovered that they can calm people down, so can help you to take control of your stress levels. A Washington State University study found stressed participants were separated into two groups. One group was required to enter a room filled with plants, and each experienced a four-point drop in their blood pressure levels. The other group who didn’t see any houseplants only experienced a drop of two points. So, add a houseplant to your home or office – or both.

Experience More Exercise

Physical activity can help you to combat stress successfully. Keeping your body in peak condition will help you to feel lighter, and you will experience more energy. As a result, you will be better prepared to deal with any stresses life throws your way. Regardless of your fitness level, try to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. Look for an exercise you enjoy and complements your lifestyle so that you can maintain a regular exercise routine.

Nourish Your Body

Provide your body with plenty of energy by consuming essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. Different people will have different nutritional requirements, which is why you should consult a nutritionist to develop an effective diet plan for your body. If in doubt, aim to consume more fruit and vegetables, with your daily dose of protein, to ensure you have the energy you need to handle any challenges that come your way.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum cannot only provide you with fresher breath, but it can also help you gain control of your stress levels. Studies have found that chewing gum can effectively relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and improve a person’s alertness when multitasking. So, it is an ideal activity for those who want to decrease their stress levels when juggling multiple tasks or projects at home or at work.

Turn Off Your Smartphone

It is not only your computer that you need to take a break from. You also need to distance yourself from your smartphone as much as possible, as the devices have been linked to increased levels of stress, especially if people constantly respond to endless text messages. So, stop stressing yourself out by reducing your smartphone usage as much as possible. You can trust it will have a positive impact on your health.

Sleep a Little More

Are you getting enough shut-eye each night? If not, sleep deprivation could be causing unnecessary stress, which can impact every aspect of your daily life. If you want to feel both healthy and happy, you must ensure you are enjoying between seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night. Never underestimate the importance of sleep, which can make you feel fresher and calmer throughout the day. So, go to bed a little earlier and enjoy a sleep in when possible to rest both your mind and body.

Take a Much-Needed Vacation

Annual vacations can be good for you. Take a well-deserved break from the stresses and strains of everyday life by going on holiday, which could be for a few weeks or a few days. If you don’t have the time or money to go on a long vacation, you could even book a one-night stay in a stylish hotel to indulge in sheer luxury.

Identify Your Stress Triggers

People will have different stress triggers, which is why you should aim to identify the cause of the problems. Establish what stresses you out and how you react to it, as people will react to stress in different ways. Once you have identified how it manifests in your body, the sooner you will be able to prevent stress from taking its toll on your life.

Have you got any tried and tested methods on how to de-stress? Share your helpful tips in the below comment area.

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  1. Love the list. Simple and easy to follow.

    It’s strange how life has gotten so much more stressful after we grow up. I remember not having a care in the world when I was back in school.

  2. Great list! Some are so basic and simple that you don’t think of them.

    I can’t help but think about back when we were younger. I don’t remember being too stressed about many things other than exams.

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