Babywipes in the bathroom, but not for the kids…

 As much as I know how bad babywipes are, they are damn useful. Babywipes have been part of my life, for a long time. I have used them in one way or another for nearly 22 years. I have  wiped many bottoms, with them as a nanny, nurse, mum and working with small children generally. Babywipes are also very useful for cleaning other things. Did you know that baby wipes will get red wine off carpets? They also remove stains from suits you only ever pull out to go to funerals, scuff marks off leather handbags, they are fab for cleaning those shoes you only ever wear to job interviews, and taking oil off your hands when you have changed a car tire. It is somewhat scary to know that they do such a good job, when you think that actually they are supposed to be used on the delicate bottoms of our babies, isn’t it?

I still keep a packet in the car, for hand wipe emergencies, and also at work. I don’t need to carry them around in my bag any more, now my kids are bigger (in theory) but they are still useful.

I know, they are hideous for the environment. I do try and buy the biodegradable ones, or the ones with the least nasty ingredients, and that are compostable, and we most certainly do not flush them down the toilet (PLEASE PLEASE DON’T FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET, it’s so bad for the sewage system and they end up in the sea and pollute the environment) but they do have their uses. 

Would you like to know what our main use for babywipes is? You know you want to, you know that you are curious?

It’s not for wiping bottoms, any more…

Madame here, has a little problem. 

When I eat cheese, I get into big trouble…

She has a rather, um, delicate digestive system, to put it politely. She also likes to eat things she shouldn’t. She is rather partial to cheese and the smellier and more potent the cheese, the better. However, cheese does not agree with said kitty’s delicate tummy and it tends to produce somewhat dire effects. 

Layla is part Persian, and very fluffy. She has a very fluffy rear end, and what we fondly call pantaloons, of fur on her hind legs. Her tail is also fluffy. This makes her very pretty to look at, and soft to cuddle. It is a big of a bugger to brush, and she hates being groomed. It also causes another, slightly grim issue, that we have learned needs to be dealt with. 

She mainly uses a litter tray, now, she doesn’t like going out to toilet in the cold. I can’t say I blame her, frankly. 

So, when she has eaten what she shouldn’t, ie a bit of Stilton she has snagged off a plate over Christmas, she will get an upset stomach, and without being crude, it gets messy. Babywipes are the only answer to this not so lovely problem. She doesn’t like being pinned down, and having her “poo bum” as we fondly call it, dealt with, and her tail wiped and made to be fit to be in polite company again. It’s something that as she has got older, we have had to deal with. Thankfully it is only when she eats things she shouldn’t because it’s not much fun and I prefer not to buy too many packets of babywipes in a month. If we don’t help her deal with her poo bum, she gets upset and tries to wipe herself off on surfaces, and I can tell you that poo bum is not pleasant to clean of carpets and bedding. She is older now and less able to groom her back and hind quarters as efficiently  and needs a bit of help when she has, ahem, been naughty and been in the cheese! We have a pack of wipes with her name on it, and we keep them handy for those poo bum emergencies. They do the job far better than anything else, and I can promise you, we have tried many things! Babywipes win, hands down! 

So, there is a packet of babywipes in our bathroom still, and Layla knows what they are for. 

Who knew they could be so useful?

*We don’t feed her cheese, or deliberately let her eat it, she will however, steal it if she can, and will try and pilfer it if she is left alone near cheese. Thankfully she can’t open the fridge and help herself ;)*

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  1. Poor puss, they don’t learn from their mistakes, especially where food is concerned. Not sure I’d use wipes for animals’ ears like one commenter above, my dog would certainly be much too sensitive and I hate using chemicals on anything. Organic cotton wool dampened with water is best. We used cloth Cheeky Wipes for everything when we needed wipes. A hassle to wash but lots of green house points.

  2. Oh bless her! Sounds like she certainly needs a little bit of help there, thank goodness for baby wipes! We have a supply of cut up muslins for similar reasons with ours. #AnimalTales

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