How to Go Camping with Your Cat

It may not seem like a very common thing that people do, but if you love your cats then you should be happy to know that bringing your feline friend along with you on your next camping trip is perfectly possible. Of course, you will need to know a few things beforehand and be prepared accordingly, so the following points are dedicated to educate the inseparable cat owner on how to go camping with a cat.

Plan the Right Trip

It is important to understand that just because you can go camping with your pet, it doesn’t mean cats are suitable for taking on all types of trips. A family camping trip with your car near the tent is perfect and if you plan to take your RV, even better. Cats are also great companions for short hikes as it turns out, but that’s only when it is actually used to the idea of going on outdoor hikes. However, serious adventure camps in the middle of nowhere or long hiking or trekking trips should never involve cats or any other pets for that matter. It’s just asking for trouble and putting them in harm’s way.

Choose a Pet-Friendly Location

While all national forests on US soil allow pets, there are locations that do not, especially if it involves swimming. Just pick up the phone and call the office at the location beforehand to make sure that you are choosing a place where cats are welcome. Also, keep in mind that campgrounds may charge you extra for bringing a pet along.

Keep the Weather in Mind

No cat should be exposed to extreme weather conditions, but their breed should play a role in this too. For example, a cat with long and dense fur should not be taken camping in hot weather conditions, but will do okay in colder situations. Similarly, cats with shorter fur should be okay with a bit of sunshine. Nevertheless, irrespective of the breed or the fur, camping with your cat in harsh weather conditions is a bad idea.

The Points to Remember

Now, it’s time to go over the essential points of keeping your pet safe and happy during the camping trip and they are as follows.

Keep the cat well-hydrated and well-fed (bring more food than you think is necessary)

In some situations, a bit of sunscreen on your cat might be a good idea if it has light colored fur

Have your cat microchipped if you can before going out or at least have a collar with ID tags and LED lights on it for easy detection

Carry foldable and disposable poop bags

Take a few clear photos of the cat before going out to make sure you have something to show people while looking, in case it ever gets lost

Do not leave home without a cat carrier

An important point to remember is that you should always pack in a tent before going out, even when you have no plans of spending the night. Out in the woods, not everything goes according to plan, and you do have a cat to take care of. You can get a tent for just about any occasion and in any size at for you and your cat to stay safe and covered during the night. Speaking of tents, you should never leave your cat tied inside or outside the tent, not even for a little while. This just about covers it, but feel free to take additional measures if you think it can help make your trip with the cat even better and safer.

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