Daily Snippets 7/02/18 – I must not stay up all night binge watching Grey’s Anatomy…

I was a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, and watched it from the start, enjoying each series as it came out. I will admit to thinking it got a bit stupid in places and having worked as a nurse in a couple of very busy hospitals, I can tell you that doctors, nurses and medical staff do not have as much sex in cupboards in real life as they do on tv medical dramas, in fact there’s often little time for grabbing a bar of chocolate and a cup of hospital cafe coffee, let alone getting frisky with a hunky doctor in the on call room. To be fair, I was either dating the husband or married to him during my hospital working days so I wasn’t really looking or interested in anything  but doing my job…

Sorry, I digress, and this is a family friendly blog, so enough of that…

So I faithfully watched until they killed off a major character, one of the big ones (no spoilers, I don’t want indignant messages crying, if you don’t know who I’m talking about) and I got so fed up, that I stopped watching. I hate it it when tv dramas kill off characters. 

I refused to watch it for a long time. 

The last week or so has been interesting with some stuff going on that has made me take stock and look at bits of my personal life with a new perspective. I’ve had a few wakeful hours and also needed some distraction. My Amazon Prime account told me I had access to Grey’s so if I told you that I’ve binged watched my way through almost three series, I wouldn’t be lying. Let’s just say 2am is great for catching up on medical drama but not good for my already sleep deprived mind and body. 

The husband, who knows me well, and knows that I will usually work myself out of my funk in a day or two, if left alone, eventually got fed up with me being even more cranky because I’d been up watching all night, intervened and threatened to confiscate my phone at night if I carry on. 

He’s right of course. It’s not good for me. 

I shall now face my punishment.

I must not stay up all night watching Grey’s Anatomy. 

I must not stay up all night watching Grey’s Anatomy.

I must not stay up all night watching Grey’s Anatomy.

I must not stay up all night watching Grey’s Anatomy.


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