Daily Snippets 8/02/18 Put on your big girl pants and smile…

Being an adult sucks sometimes! We aren’t allowed to cry and stamp our feet like toddlers do, and people make allowances for us. We are expected to cope with life and get on with things even when life isn’t going the way we want.

This week, I’ve had to sit myself down and give myself a stern talking to. Life isn’t doing what I want right now. In fact, life keeps smacking me in the face, to remind me it’s not going to do what I want it to do.

Sometimes life doesn’t bring your hearts desire, whilst you see others get exactly what you want. Things don’t always go your way. 

It’s not fair, but it’s not their fault. You can’t be angry and bitter at them. Life can sting.

But because we can’t control life, we have to put on our adult pants, so to speak, get a grip on our emotions, and smile and make life not seem so bad.

That’s me, this week. My smile has been pretty fake.

Those big girl pants aren’t my best fit, but I’m wearing them, because I have to…

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