Posting a fake pregnancy announcement on April Fools?

Are you thinking about posting a fake pregnancy announcement on April Fools? Just don’t!

I have a sense of humour. I love a good joke. I like to laugh, and I can poke fun at myself and enjoy a good chuckle with other people. I have a slightly warped and probably a bit dark sense of humour.

I’m not humorless. It takes a lot for me go “hmmm” and not see a joke.

But I do have a sense of humour fail, and a fairly big one at that when people post fake pregnancy announcements on social media on April Fool’s Day.

I get it, sort of. You want to give your family a bit of a funny fright and raise a laugh.

But it’s really not funny.

Fake pregnancy announcements are not funny.

There are too many of us out there who would give their left leg to be holding a REAL positive pregnancy test or health ultra sound scan in our hands and be sharing the real happy news with friends and family and celebrating and it hurts when people think making light of a pregnancy announcement, it stings and it’s not remotely amusing. Those of us who can’t get pregnant do not find it even vaguely funny.

I rarely comment on struggling with what we are going through when I see genuine pregnancy announcements or hear the news of a pregnancy. I am currently celebrating the news of several much wanted pregnancies in my circle of friends. I can be happy and genuinely congratulate (I even cried tears of joy for one friend) and celebrate. But I can’t see the fun in faking news like this for a laugh.

I’m afraid my sense of humour goes right out of the window at fake announcements and this year I’ve decided that if someone does it, it will be an immediate delete from my social media circle and probably a fairly blunt conversation in real life.

There are plenty of juvenile, silly things you can do to raise a laugh on April Fool’s Day. Pretending you are pregnant to give your mother in law the fright of her life or get a reaction on social media, isn’t one of them.

Think about it, think about those who are hurting from pregnancy loss, or infertility, and just don’t.

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