Daily Snippets 01/04/18 I ate meat today and didn’t enjoy it…

We’ve been away for the weekend. We’ve been out and about, in the Cotswolds, spending time as a family. We’ve done touristy things and have been eating out and buying lunches and snacks.

We went to a less well known (to us) supermarket today and I grabbed what I thought was a vegetarian pastry from the hot baking shelf in the “food to go” section. The description was something like “cheese and onion inside a tasty warm flaky pastry” something or other. The kids where whiny, the husband was tired and impatient to get going so I just grabbed and didn’t really check.

We got into the car and handed out food and started eating. We were driving off, and on the road, when I started to eat my own food, having pacified whiny, hungry children with theirs.

I took one bite and realised I had picked up a sausage roll with cheese and onion and not what I thought was a cheese and onion pastry.

It was too late to go back and get something else and we didn’t know what would be available at our next stop.

I ate it. I was starving. I figured it wa

I used to quite like sausage rolls, but I didn’t enjoy this one, and having given up eating meat (almost 6 weeks and counting now since I ate any meat) and not having had a sausage roll for a while before that, I really didn’t enjoy it. It tasted processed and less than meh.

Everyone else in the car had their own sausage rolls and declared them delicious and it’s a pretty well known and highly liked brand so it wasn’t apparently a crappy sausage roll. It was in fact me.

I thought I’d be able to go back to eating meat and not be bothered. But it would seem that processed meat is definitely a no.

We’ve also eaten both nights away at a local place that basically is famous for its meat dishes. None of it has appealed and I’ve stuck to the limited vegetarian options and whilst they haven’t rocked my boat, the temptation to eat steak has not been there at all…

So who knows. I’m still not convinced this vegetarian/pescatarian thing is permanent but I am surprised at this former steak loving, sausage roll chomping persons reaction to things she used to love.

I really wanted a cheese and onion pastry. I’ll have to try and find one tomorrow! 😉

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