Top Tips To Promote and Nurture Closeness in Your Family

Do you find it hard to enjoy the quality and genuine close time in your family? Perhaps you are all so busy rushing around that you struggle to even spend time with your partner, let alone help your kids with their chores or homework. The reality is that happy and successful families will also have strong bonds. Parents need to help to strengthen and protect your family bonds, in particular, if you feel that they are already rather weak or non-existent. If you are keen to create a firm and happy foundation for your family, then you will need to consider making a few key changes to the house and improve your overall attitude.

Closeness does not come naturally or easily for some families. However, that does not mean that it is unattainable. If you struggle to express your feelings or show each other how you feel, and that you do really care, then worry not. There are a few different ways that you can consider to help boost those essential family bonds.

Eat together

If your kids normally eat their dinner on a tray in front of the television, then this could be preventing some quality conversation time. Remember that meal times are the perfect time for you to all get-together, sit down and share your news from the day, funny anecdotes and even discuss new plans such as your next holiday. Plus, meal times provide you with the perfect opportunity to invite your kids into the kitchen and ensure that they become more interested in meal planning and preparing food. From chopping to baking, you may even find that your children will feel more relaxed when they are in the kitchen, meaning they are much more likely to share and express their feelings in a freer way. If you currently struggle to even say hello to each other in the mornings, then make meal times obligatory, and you will notice positive results.

Get a pet

Getting a pet is a great way to strengthen your family’s bonds, as you will need to share the ownership responsibilities as a family. Remind your kids that they will need to help you out with feeding, bathing and even exercising your newest family member, and remind them that this also means during rain or shine. Pets can help you to boost family bonds and engagement as you will all need to dedicate time to ensure that your fur baby remains in tip-top health and happiness while they are a member of your family. Plus, the great thing about pets is that they are always happy to be around you and will respond with constant love and attention. Not to mention, having a pet as a companion has been shown to have numerous other positive effects on your overall health, such as improving heart health and reducing overall stress levels. If you suffer from stress and find it hard to unwind, then there is no better medicine than taking your pet for a long walk in the park or curling up together on the sofa. Animals also provide ideal companionship, so if you are looking to bring your family closer together, and gain some other health benefits too, then pets are the ideal way to share your love and work together as a unit.  

Enjoy family time

If you do not currently hold family time, or feel that you are wasting your time even considering getting the entire clan together then think again. Family time does not have to be a fun day out; you can even keep things simple by making family time a space in which you do chores together as a family or relax in front of a movie with a bowl of popcorn. It is crucial that you have family time to ensure that you can all relax together and learn to feel open and at home in each other’s company. Plus, the frequency of family time is entirely up to you – but ideally, it should be as much as possible. When you have family time, you should also consider inviting other key family members too, such as your children’s Grandparents. Old age does not have to necessarily mean that time is limited, especially if some elderly relatives have any particular health concerns. Companies such as Families Choice Home Care can provide them with the services that they need so that they will never miss a precious moment. So be sure to make family time part of your weekly bonding.

Hold family meetings

Families that want to encourage strong bonds should also be prepared to talk through their issues and problems together, in a controlled and safe environment. Family meetings are the ideal setting in which you can all sit down together and discuss any points or issues that are going to affect you as a family unit. From planning family goals, such as meeting a weight loss target, or fun activities such as your next holiday, make sure that you hold meetings so that everyone can have their say and get involved. This is also the perfect setting for your kids to make up – if they are having any discussions or ongoing arguments that you just cannot seem to get resolved.

If your family currently struggle with their emotions or find it hard to have quality time together, then you need to get prepared to make a few changes to your schedules so that you can share and enjoy each other’s company. From eating together at mealtimes to considering getting a family pet or even holding family meetings, if you want to promote family bonds, then you need to make sure that your entire family is involved. Although you may initially be met with resistance, do persevere and make sure that everyone understands the reasoning behind your new rules. Remind your kids and spouse that you are doing this for the benefit of your family, and over time they will grow to love sharing and spending quality time together.

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