The cats are NOT happy….

The cats are not happy.

Why are the cats not happy?

The children are happy. We’ve moved rooms around. The small boy has a new bigger space for all his Lego, cars and toys, and the tween has her own bunk bed desk and a new and more grown up room (it’s in the process of being decorated)

The cats, however, are not. 

Layla doesn’t like change at all. 

She’s very grumpy that all her familiar spaces have been moved/changed and she’s taken to protesting and sleeping in spaces she’s normally not supposed to.

And Jasper? Poor Jasper. We didn’t think about the fact that he sleeps on the tween’s bed and has done since he came home to us as a kitten. He now can’t get up to where she sleeps and he’s not a happy boy cat. He’s taken to sleeping on our bed which annoys Layla immensely as that’s her space.

So the cats aren’t happy. 

We need to teach Jasper how to climb up to a bunk bed so he can be reunited with his mistress. Most evenings I lift him up there myself before I go to bed but if he jumps off in the night he hasn’t worked out how to get back up and he cries and I’m a little weary of getting up to help him!

So, my question to you, dear readers, is how do you teach a cat to get onto a bunk bed? Can we solve this problem?

Answers on a pawscard please? (See what I did there??) 


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  1. No idea how to teach a cat to get on a bunk bed, but I suspect it would be easier than trying to teach a cat that it can’t go somewhere lol. #animaltales

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