My Sunday Photo

Our new neighbour, sort of. We don’t have a pond or any water near us but we still get frogs. This one has taken up residence behind the plant pots in our garden. Jasper spends his days obsessively trying to get close but froggie isn’t daft and won’t come out to play. Matthew wants to keep him and build a terrarium…

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  1. We have such a lot of frogs in our neighbourhood, it’s so boggy. The red kites eat some of them so that’s quite exciting when they come. #mysundayphoto

  2. Oh I love frogs. They actually only need a pond when it comes to breed season. The rest of the year they will often spend happily on land in damp places. Flower pots often work for them as you water them regularly which helps to keep their skin moist and of course that also attracts the bugs they like to feed off


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