I have to vote, but I don’t know who for…

This is a raw, thrown together whilst my kids eat their breakfast, and I drink my second coffee, it’s the usual crazy morning routine, kind of post. A jumble of my thoughts, trying to get them into some sort of order. 

I have to go and vote today. We have local elections. I can’t not vote. My right to be able to make a mark on a paper was granted to me by the sacrifice of many women, who fought for me to be able to vote freely, and I always make a point of taking my children with me, if I can, so they can see how even though life is crazy hectic, taking a few minutes out to vote is REALLY important to me, and for them. 

Today, my tweenager asked me who I would be voting for. I looked at her, looked into my coffee cup, and then said “I don’t know”. 

I truly don’t. 

I don’t feel like any of the main parties I could vote for that would then be in charge of local decision making, are really worth voting for. I don’t think any of them have done that much good, that they have impacted me enough that I feel they are worthy of my cross on a piece of paper. I live in a relatively affluent area, with pockets of real poverty and social issues, and I see a broad spectrum of people in my day to day life, and I honestly don’t feel that any politician really cares about the needs of real people, living real lives and facing the reality of the state of our country. I am still stung and bitter by the vote for Brexit. 

The least of the worst, the best of a bad bunch, the party that is the least offensive and MIGHT do some good with my taxes? The one that makes the loudest claims to care, but in reality has wishy washy policies and not enough actual votes to really make an impact and be heard. 

I don’t know. 

That makes me sad. I will still go, and I guess I will choose the one I dislike the least, and make my mark, and hope for the best….

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  1. So much harder electing council than MPs isnt it. I’m never convinced I know enough about the true scope of what will be affected, as aside from ‘local issues’ the various parties claim to address, there’s the effect of inherited policy and budgets to consider, all more difficult at a local level because facts are not available, the data is biased & usually historically incomplete. In the end, I decided to cast my vote based on the message that party winning could provide nationally, not because I felt true conviction in the party’s ability to run a competent local council.

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