The stomach bug sucks…

If you don’t want to read my mini rant about the stomach bug, and where we are at with trying to get pregnant, then skip this post. 

Last week, early on Tuesday morning, very early, I woke up feeling like I had  a very bad bout of indigestion. The husband and I had celebrated his birthday with a rather big meal the night before, so I was pretty sure I had just eaten too much and was suffering. I didn’t eat breakfast, and was planning to do a semi fast of certain foods for a few days anyway, so I made myself a big mug of peppermint tea, instead of coffee and went on with my day. By lunchtime I was feeling PRETTY grim and took myself home. We had a disastrous afternoon, for many reasons, and I had to deal with a very emotional tweenager and the boy coming back from a school trip running very late. I ignored my symptoms, and struggled on. At dinner time, the husband came home and I went to bed and there I stayed until the Friday, in between bouts of what we will politely call “worshiping the porcelain goddess” in the bathroom. A stomach bug, or food poisoning had struck. We aren’t sure what, because the husband was also not well, shortly after me. It was grim. That is all you need to know. 

Stomach bugs are not pleasant, they strike out of the blue, and aren’t convenient. You feel dreadful before, during and afterwards and they are horribly contagious. My anxiety is triggered by even the thought that my kids have been exposed to one. 

This time it was me that was the victim. It has been rough in more than just the symptoms and inconvenience though. 

You see, I started taking the medication that I have to take in order to help my body get pregnant, just before the stomach bug struck. The stomach bug has probably rendered these medications ineffective and for two days I couldn’t take them because I was so ill. 

This has made me desperately sad. What if this was THE cycle, THE month and that was the last chance. What if my body had decided to do what it should and this awful stomach bug has thrown a spanner in the works. 

My doctor has said I can either stop the medication or carry on. He says that we will have to wait and see. He thinks that the stomach bug won’t have been helpful, but he won’t give me a definitive answer. He is more of a miracle believer than I am. 

So, this horrible stomach bug, that rendered me useless for four days, that made life difficult for us as a family for the week, juggling childcare, between two sick parents, cancelling work meetings, re arranging work plans, and having to rely on other people to help us out. Feeling weak, grim and washed out, and off food, and having to manage normal life, has had a side effect that is frustrating and saddening. 

Still hoping for that miracle, sadly, I suspect it won’t be this month. Stomach bugs suck…


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