Summer holidays? Found some head lice? Don’t panic!

*This is a partnership post, written with Hedrin and if you have found some head lice in your child’s hair this might be helpful*

In the UK it’s the summer holidays. Most children are breaking up from school this week and next. We have a long, hopefully relaxing and lovely break ahead before the children go back to school in September.

There is something I do, as we break for the holidays, that has become part of our routine and it’s not related to treats or special surprises for the children.

I check their heads for head lice.

Found some head lice?

Yup, I am that mother. The first thing we do the night we break from school is play nit nurse and I check their heads. I do in fact check their heads weekly, which is a good habit to get into if you have kids in school, where it is likely they may pick up what we call “little friends” when we refer to head lice.

Even the word “head lice” make people shiver and start to feel like their head may be itchy (are you starting to feel like you need to scratch yours yet? It’s one of those reflex actions when people mention lice!) and it is natural to feel anxious when you discover or think your kiddo may have nits or lice.

Head lice are incredibly common, and not a sign of being dirty, or having poor hygiene, and if your kid has them, it does not mean you are a bad parent. They happen. If a child in the class has them, especially when children are little, they spread so easily.

They aren’t harmful, other than making your head itch, and they can’t spread to furniture or clothes, but they do like to live and lurk on heads, so your best bet to beat them is to check regularly, and if you spot lice or eggs, to use a treatment to get rid of them.

So grab your nit comb and brace yourself…

Not really.

Treating and getting rid of head lice doesn’t need to be a drama and they can be dealt with.

Hedrin have a great new addition to their range of head lice treatment products to help.

Found some head lice?

If you are worried about the fuss of putting treatment on hair, leaving it on wiggly and impatient heads, or need to just get the head lice treatment done whilst the kids are in the bath, or even deal with your own hair then you may want to try their new ALL IN ONE SHAMPOO.

Kills head lice, removes eggs and cleans hair. 
The complete treatment that fits into your bath time routine.

Works in 10 minutes.

Comb included.

Treats up to 4 x heads

Easy to use

Skin friendly

No pesticides

No nasty odour

Allergy certified

Deal with every phase of head lice, with Hedrin:



Post treatment


Now, treating head lice can be as fuss-free as a hair wash. Just use Hedrin All in One Shampoo during your normal bath time routine. Hedrin Shampoo has been shown to kill lice in ten minutes. What’s more, it makes louse egg (nit) removal easy; it’s more than twice as effective as combing alone, and it leaves hair clean and fresh. 

Hedrin All in One Shampoo is pesticide-free, so you can use it whenever you need to. It’s complete head lice treatment, without the drama.

Easy to use, and convenient, and helpful if you want to deal with head lice with less fuss and stress. I know before I was a parent, this sort of thing would not have made me excited, but now, it does! So don’t panic if you found some head lice. They aren’t nice but you can deal with them, I promise.

Just what the Nit Nurse ordered. I am off to hunt down our nit comb and make sure we start our holidays with no extra little visitors…

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