Nitty Gritty takes the stress out of headlice

*This is a review post. We worked with Nitty Gritty, but we don’t share about items unless we really recommend them*

OK, so when head lice invades your children and family’s hair, it can be stressful. You have to deal with them, get rid of them, and make sure they’re gone and stay gone but because getting head lice is such a common childhood thing, it’s not that easy.

There is a solution I’ve found and it’s chemical-free, and it really does help, when you are trying to deal with head lice and their eggs.

It’s called the Nitty Gritty comb.

Nitty gritty comb

I was introduced to it by a colleague when we were working with a family that had a problem with head lice. She swore it was the “most amazing” device and she lent me the comb to try. I used it on a child with head lice in my care, and was, pardon the pun, hooked.

You will never buy another nit comb again.

It’s not often you find a nit comb that actually works. These are slightly more expensive than the usual plastic ones but they are well worth investing in.

Ever since then, I’ve had one (in fact we have 4, we have 2 at home and 2 that I lend out in emergencies to friends who call me when they’ve discovered they’ve got a case of head lice at home)  in my armour of parenting tools.

Designed by a group of mothers who were fed up of trying to deal with lice and had tried every lotion, potion and device to get rid of them with little success (we all can relate, I think?) so they came up with a solution that not only gets live lice out, but also gets the eggs, at the same time, which means less eggs to hatch in hair and re-infect the head. The way the comb is cleverly (it’s really ingenious, frankly) designed to grip and grab and remove both. I have used the comb (very many times) and can testify that it really does.

They also have a range of other products to help you deal with head lice that are gentle, effective and don’t contain the nasty chemicals that you will find head lice treatments you can buy from the pharmacy or supermarket.

I have two of these combs, one I keep at home for us and one that I have as a comb I either use to go and help people deal with head lice or that I lend to people (they are super easy to clean) to help them.

So if head lice is a worry for you, then I would say you need one of these in your life. The glamour of parenting…



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  1. The first time my daughter got it from school was awful and makes me itch thinking about it. She had a couple crawling which made me jump then having to comb out the eggs was grose and took ages

  2. I have always used nitty gritty and I highly recommend everyone to go get the comb. It ios a tad expensive but you wont have the visitors for long. It is by far the best comb on the market. I have 4 lol. once in each room just in case one goes missing.

  3. My daughter was at nursery when she first got them and gave it to all of us so was a huge nightmare for everyone!! Even her grandparents got them!

  4. I’m battling with these pests on my children but no matter how much I do it seems other parents don’t want to so in a constant circle x

  5. My daughters friend always had them as her mum wouldn’t treat the my daughter could see them crawling in her hair so was always catching them even in high school. She even threatened to go into school with a shower cap on lol I told her perhaps not a good idea.

  6. We have not had it yet but now that my son has started school I fear it is only a matter of time – hopefully it will not be too hellish!

  7. I saw headlice on the head of one of my daughter’s friends that was coming over for a sleepover. I was really torn as to what to do.

  8. I remember our entire family all having to use the shampoo as children and my mother hating every second of the procedure. I think Nitty Gritty sounds like a much more pleasant solution.

  9. Both my son and little girl got headlice at the same time and it was horrible. I was straight down the chemist to get treatment. Poor babies. x

  10. My great niece had them two weeks ago, but the treatment didn’t work as I have found out. Unfortunately, whilst she had them she wanted a lot of hugs and I caught them 🙁 it’s very distressing and makes you feel incredibly icky

  11. We’ve been really lucky so far, but there are a couple of repeat offenders in my Daughters class that seem to have them all of the time.

  12. Everytime we treat our daughters hair it seems the next week she’s got them again.There are a couple of kids in the class that appear to constantly have them and their parents dont seem to be doing much.

  13. I have 2 daughters.When they attended primary school thats when we had a really tough time.There is only 2 years between my daughters and they also share a bedroom.I struggled for a couple of years using different treatments to get rid off head lice.My eldest has really thick hair the plastic combs always seemed to bend or break.The lotion weren’t doing the job properly either.Then I discovered the nitty gritty comb in my local chemist.I bought it straight away think well at least it won’t bend and the length of the teeth would comb my daughters thick hair.But it was so much more than that when I used it.I would recommend to anyone its well worth the money.

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