Project Linus quilt – update so far

So if you follow our blog, you will know that I am taking part in Project Linus and creating a quilt, with the tween’s help, to be part of a very worthy cause. 

My mum taught me how to do some basic quilting when I was a child, and I made quilts for my children when they were babies, but it has been a while since I did any proper sewing (that doesn’t involve sewing elastic onto dance shoes, or buttons on school shirts, or holes in school trouser knees) so it’s been lovely to tackle a project that is less “mundane” and that will hopefully look great when we are done, and go to someone who can use it to snuggle up and keep warm under. 

The tween and I chose some pretty fabric, and for this first one, we have gone with a bee type theme. I wanted to do something simple but then we decided to go a little bit off the rails and make it more interesting. So we have gone for a mixed pattern with our fabrics. 

We have big squares of cream and patterned lavender and then patchwork style squares using a really pretty bee fabric and cream fabric. 

It involves a lot of cutting of shapes and then piecing them together, but we have got into a groove now, and we are making some good progress. We have used a basic square pattern for this time, and our board and cutter from Crafter’s Companion, as well as using some of their quilting tips and tricks. 

Cream big squares

Bee fabric and cream mini squares

The backing will be plain cream, or the lavender fabric. We haven’t quite decided on that yet. 

You can see we have made some good progress so far, and it’s starting to look less like a heap of squares in piles and more quilt like.

We have been organised and cut all our mini squares out and pinned them together in the amounts we need, so we can get into a rhythm and know we have enough fabric. 

So, so far, so good. 

We are hoping to have it finished in a few weeks, and then complete the lining and backing. Come back soon to see how we are getting on!

*this is a collaborative and ongoing project and series of posts*



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