Not pregnant yet, but feeling very positive thanks to Ava.



I shared a few weeks ago that I was trying out the Ava Fertility Bracelet. A clever tracker device that you slip onto your wrist before you go to sleep, that when worn for the recommended time, can effectively record and monitor certain things happening with your body, like temperature, breathing, etc, to help work out what your body is doing during your monthly cycle. This can be used to gather cycle information if you are trying to plan a pregnancy, or if you are simply wanting to know what your body is doing and pinpoint things like ovulation, and when your period may be due. Having accurate predictions based on your body temperature and other signs can help to work out that magic fertile window more easily.

So, I have been wearing my Ava bracelet and downloading the data it has been recording for the past few weeks.

I can say that for now, we are not pregnant. But this is not because the Ava bracelet has not done its job, but because, without sharing TOO much information, let’s just say we didn’t plan our month well and the husband was away when according to Ava he should have been home, and we will leave it at that.

However, despite poor planning on our part, I have been very impressed with how it works and how easy and convenient it is to use.

It’s not complicated to set up, and it pairs up easily with your phone, via an app you can download via iTunes or Google Play and once your phone is paired with the Ava bracelet, all you do is put it on before you go to bed at night, get some sleep, and the next morning, pop the bracelet onto charge and sync the data to your phone. It’s best to do the data sync daily so you have up to date information on what your body is doing during your cycle.

Ava is not just monitoring my temperature, which can be an indicator of what my body is doing in my cycle, but also sleep quality, breathing rate, and can show tell if I am showing signs of stress. It uses all these and other factors to give me information on what’s going on with my body and where my cycle is, and what could be affecting my cycle.

“The Ava bracelet is a completely unprecedented method of tracking a woman’s cycle. While you’re sleeping, Ava’s sensors collect data on nine different physiological parameters. Ava’s algorithm then detects your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more.”

It is incredibly easy and fool proof to use, you can’t really go wrong and as long as you have remembered to charge it, it really takes minimal effort.

I think for me, the simplicity of using the Ava bracelet, compared to how much data it collects, is impressive. I had a couple of very stressful days, and it picked up that my body was showing signs of stress. It also monitors your temperature which can rise and fall at different points in your cycle. Temperature monitoring is used when trying to get pregnant, but Ava makes it easy, because there is no having to fumble for a thermometer, or remembering to take your temperature and it’s not an internal device, so you don’t have the fuss and inconvenience of taking your temperature that way.

Ava basically takes a lot of the fuss and hassle out of keeping an eye on some basic health indicators that can help you work out where you are during your cycle and if used properly and worn every night to maximise effective data collection, I can really see how helpful it would be if you are trying to get pregnant.

For me personally it is very accurate, when I compare the data and predictions Ava gives me compared to signs my body gives me, and also using ovulation test sticks. The Ava data ties in with those other things very well and gives me a clear indicator of when the best times are to try for a baby.

So, hopefully Ava will help us get pregnant, meanwhile I am happily using it to track what my body is doing and help me to be aware of any issues or health concerns it may pick up.

If you are looking for a convenient, easy to use and accurate device to help you monitor your cycle, and health, and want to get pregnant, then I would definitely say you should consider Ava. Just plan better than we do, and make sure when Ava tells you the time is right, that your other half isn’t somewhere else! 😉

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