Our week in photos 20/10/18 – 28/10/18

Welcome to our weekly round of up what we have been up to, some things we have enjoyed, food (mostly food, we do like our food) and life, usually with a grumpy cat thrown in for good measure… 

It’s been a busy week, trying to juggle kids home for half term break, finding things to do, and also find some time to rest, because we are all tired and need a rest too. 

I was lucky enough to go and see Bohemian Rhapsody this week and will be sharing more on that in a blog post in a few days. Safe to say I cried and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

This week we have had our usual mix of eclectic life with food and cats thrown in. 

Grumpy tweenagers – when mum won’t let you revamp your whole wardrobe when you are out shopping. 

Grumpy cats – not coping with half term. 

Food – I have been experimenting with sour dough bread and am finding it cathartic and therapeutic and the kids are loving having freshly made bread and are getting rather spoiled. I still haven’t cracked a decent gluten free loaf yet, but to be honest I haven’t really tried that hard. That’s on my list of things to do in 2019. I have also being making more stir fries and comfort food as the weather gets colder and trying to liven up our food menu. The kids love stir fries and it’s a good way to get vegetables into them. 

Stuff we love – a rather fab Bat jumper from BebeHound that I treated myself to this week, because contrary to popular belief not everything I own is pink or unicorn themed!

We have also had silly games, trips out for hot chocolate and parties. 

So half term has been busy. We have sort of rested. Back to school and reality tomorrow. 

How has your week been? Are you on school break this week or looking forward to it next week? 

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