Eye cream, why bother? Here’s why I am.

Do you use an eye cream? I have reached a point in my life where I DO really need pay more attention to my skin care, and what I put on my skin, making sure that I am protecting my skin more, and also in as sensible way as possible, try and minimise some of the signs of ageing, I can slowly see appearing. I am pretty lucky, that because I have been very sensible about sun exposure, and also some good genetics on my side that whilst those signs of age are showing themselves, they aren’t too bad, and I am not too stressed about it but I do want to feel good in my skin too. It’s a fine balance.

One thing I have noticed is that the skin around my eyes looks a bit more tired, and finally, the many sleepless nights of parenthood have caught up with me, and whereas before I never really noticed my eyes looking puffy or tired, I now can see that. I also have a few finer lines appearing and the skin around my eyes looks a bit drier and is more sensitive.

The skin around our eyes is much more delicate than the rest of our face and can be a place where you start to see signs of ageing, or notice that you look more tired. It is worth trying to look after the skin around your eyes, and help keep it looking and feeling good. It is worth bothering about that area of your face, and paying it a little bit of extra attention.

So I have started investing in some good eye creams and care, to help minimise the puffiness, hide some of the tiredness and make me look a bit less like I haven’t had enough sleep.

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Finding eye creams that work is a bit of trial and error. The eyes are a sensitive and delicate area, so it’s often advised not to use the same creams that you use on the rest of your face, on your eye area, and also if you are trying to target specific issues, like puffiness, or dark shadows then you may want to look for an eye cream that is made for that purpose. If you wear contact lenses you will want to make sure your eye cream is suitable for that, and also you may want to consider using one treatment or cream during the day, and another at nighttime.

I tend to do a fair bit of internet research, I see what people are sharing about on social media, that works for them, I chat to friends who know about skin care and I also browse beauty and fashion magazines when I am looking for recommendations for brands that work, picking up things like this Vogue review of eye creams can be quite helpful, giving me an idea of what’s out there, what’s within my budget and what people are saying really work for them.

Depending on your budget and what you prefer, you can opt for very expensive eye care treatments, or you can opt for less pricey options. Sometimes paying more doesn’t mean it will work any better than paying less. I have found very reasonably priced brands that do a really good job and there are some old tricks you can use like a chamomile tea bag on your eyes, to help soothe them, that doesn’t need to cost you a lot. Or you could even slip on some cucumber, cool from the fridge, as a very cheap but easy way to cool and comfort your tired, sore eyes.

Ingredients and what’s in eye cream are also something to be considered. I know for me that eye creams with an SPF in them actually irritate my eyes so I tend to avoid those, and prefer to use a separate SPF cream I know doesn’t make my eyes sore and itchy. If you are looking for eye creams that cool and soothe and help reduce puffiness, you may, like me want a product that contains witch hazel, or caffeine, both known to be soothing and helpful for tired skin. Are you worried about dryness or fine lines? That may mean looking at a cream or treatment with vitamin E in to help target that.

Eye cream and the care of the skin around your eyes is an ongoing process and you may find you need to change your products if you find they aren’t working as well, or if your skin needs a break or more of a boost. Through trial and error, I have found some eye creams and treatments that work for me. Some are very cheap and cheerful, some are a bit more of a splurge. Taking care of my skin, and trying to look a bit less tired is an ongoing job and I hope to look after my skin as well as possible, to keep it feeling good for as long as I can.

What eye skin care tips do you have that work? Any brands that you particularly like? Old fashioned treatments? We would love to hear from you, it’s always good to know what works for other people!

*this is a collaborative post*

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