Three Life Hurdles You Will Face With Your Partner

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When you first got together with your partner, things may have looked rosy. You got butterflies in your tummy every time they walked into a room, you listened to everything they had to say, and you couldn’t wait to spend time in the bedroom. However, as a relationship matures, those feelings may change and throw up some hurdles that you need to face and overcome if you are to stay in a successful, fulfilling relationship. Life can even throw some scary things at you to face with your partner. Here are three life hurdles that you may face with your partner.


Any relationship will face hurdles, and disagreements are the most common. We all have the odd argument with our partner, but it is how you deal with them that keeps a relationship healthy.

If you and your partner have different opinions, try to explain yours by being open and clear. Don’t let your conversation turn into bitter or sarcastic comments or personal attacks, and if your partner does that then try not to retaliate. Stick to your points and argue your case in a calm manner, so no fuel is added to the fire. Nobody likes arguing, so sometimes you might need to agree that you have different opinions and move on, rather than letting an argument hangover you both for days.

Annoying Habits

After you have lived with your partner for a while, you will sometimes find their habits a challenge. But they will also find your annoying habits a challenge too. Perhaps he never puts the toilet seat down no matter how many times you have asked, you might always leave a used teacup by the sink instead of washing it up, or perhaps he moans about the laundry when you feel like you are doing it all by yourself. While these things seem small on their own, if they are not dealt with resentment can build up. The important thing to remember is to talk to your partner and make sure you are both willing to try to find a better way to do things.


If you find things slowing down in the bedroom, there could be a number of reasons why. A lack of intimacy can result from one partner feeling hurt and resentful, which can build up over time. It can also come from a lack of confidence, such as a woman being self-conscious about her body shape or a man who is losing his hair. It is important to be open and communicate your feelings, even if they seem silly to anyone else. There are always hurdles that you will face with your partner, and while sometimes it might seem as though your relationship could be forever damaged by some of these concerns, just remember that hard times make you stronger. If you can get through them as a couple, your relationship will be one that will last.

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