Protection from ear infections when you go swimming

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If you read our blog, you know that we have struggled with ear issues, and ear infections with our small boy, over the past few years. (He has also had grommet inserted via a surgical procedure and sees a specialist ENT surgeon. He no longer has grommets, they fell out, as is normally expected, after a few years)

I am always on the watch for an ear infection cropping up, as it’s something we now know he is prone to. Thankfully in the past few years, they have got less in frequency and we think he is finally growing out of them.

Protecting his ears as much as possible, is important. He doesn’t like getting anything in his ears and areas like bath-time and swimming are a bit of a nightmare because if he gets water in his ears, it can potentially lead to ear infections. When he is at home with me, in the bath, we are careful not to get water in his ears and when he goes swimming with me, we use earplugs to stop the water going into his ears. He hates wearing them though and refuses to wear them for his group swimming lessons that he attends with school.

There are some schools of thought that say that water in ears doesn’t cause a problem, but from our personal experience, with our son, it does, and because we don’t want to risk ear infections if we can really avoid them, a solution to prevent them if we can, is always helpful.

SwimSeal is something we use.

Prevention is better than cure

SwimSeal ear drops are a unique preventive solution that has been developed by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to create a waterproof coating in the ear canal. These drops help to prevent painful ears that are common as a result of trapped water. With the increasing number of patients presenting with water-related ear problems and the ever-rising costs of treatment, the need to prevent these conditions is of key importance.


Contains a unique formulation, including tea tree oil, that coats the external ear canal

Natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal (topical treatment only)

Prevents trapped water and other water related ear infections

Contains NO alcohol

Suitable for all ages

SwimSeal ear drops are applied before going into the water and act similarly to natural ear wax creating a waterproof coating in the external ear canal. It contains no alcohol and is a naturally unique formula that includes tea tree oil.

Perfect Prevention

For recreational swimmers

For competitive athletes

For concerned parents

For bath-time fun

For water therapy

How SwimSeal Ear Drops work

Our ears secrete a natural, protective layer of earwax that lines the ear canal. Contact and exposure to water, as well as excessive use of ear buds, causes this layer to become worn and depleted. Without this layer of wax, water can easily become trapped in the ear, leading to irritation and pain.

This can lead to common ear infections, such as swimmer’s ear.

SwimSeal ear drops were developed in order to take on some of the properties of natural earwax by coating the external ear canal. After about two to three hours the SwimSeal coating will wear off and migrate naturally from the ear without build up.

The drops are easy and simple to use, and don’t cause any discomfort or hearing loss. They really do seem to work for us, and my small boy has been going to his swimming lessons without his dreaded earplugs, after I have administered the ear drops, and so far, we have had no issues with ear infections. This gets a thumbs up in my book, and his.

So, if you are a regular swimmer, or spend a lot of time in a sport where water gets into your ears, or bath-time is torture because water getting into ears means potential pain from ear infections, then we would recommended you try these SwimSeal drops. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure…

*SwimSeal drops cannot be used if a person has grommets in place – Matthew no longer has grommets, so we have been able to use the product safely. As with all medical issues, please consult a qualified medical practioner. Our doctor was happy for us to use SwimSeal. 


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