Project 365 – a photo a day: out of routine…

January and February have not been helpful for my photo a day project and this week has been no better. We have, with the exception of the husband all been sick with a nasty stomach bug and totally out of sorts and routine. My house is a mess, work is behind, e mails are piling up.

My littlest and my oldest baby are suffering. They both don’t like change in routine, and one has been super needy and clingy, in fact they both have.

They do have a bond though. She does this thing where he “head butts” her (gently, she does it back) and then she licks his hair, and purrs at him, like he’s her kitten. This was as closed to capturing it as I got.

It made me smile today.

Let’s hope we are back to normal tomorrow, I also don’t like being out of routine!



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