Being able to see clearly with multifocal contact lenses

*This is a promotional featured post, written in collaboration with 1-Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal contact lenses*

I recently shared my story about being trialing multifocal contact lenses. It turns out that whilst I may be in denial, about my age, unfortunately, my eyes are not. I have started to develop presbyopia. This means that even when I am wearing glasses, I struggle to focus when conducting near-sighted activities. This includes when I read, look at a screen or even try to look at words on my phone.

Multifocal contact lenses seemed like the answer. I may not be ready to accept that I need actual multifocal glasses yet, however, contact lenses I can do. Day to day I prefer wearing contact lenses over glasses anyway. I find lenses perfect for running and for going out. So, when I heard I could wear a lens that corrects my normal vision issues as well as helping with the presbyopia, this sounded almost too good to be true.

But it is true. Acuvue have contact lenses designed for daily use, so no cleaning or storing needed. Their lenses are comfortable and easy to wear, another bonus! Their lenses also adapt with your eyes, correcting normal, near and far focus vision issues. I found them easy to insert and wear as part of every day life, and once they are in, you can get on with your day.

Just what I need.

Step one was my initial fitting to make sure these lenses were suitable for my eyes. My next task was trying them out for daily use.

I have worn contact lenses before. In fact, I have been wearing them since I was twelve, on and off, so I am familiar with putting them in and out, making sure I am using them properly, and that they aren’t causing any issues with my eyes.

So, the actual wearing them, for me, was pretty easy and straightforward. These lenses are designed for comfort so feel fine on my eyes. I can even wear them all day without my eyes feeling dry or sore.

But what did they do for my vision?

Initially, the first day wearing them felt a bit strange, which I was warned about. It only took one set of lenses for my eyes to adjust and then my eyes were used to wearing the lenses to correct my vision issues. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how quickly my eyes adjusted. By the second day, my eyes seemed to have adapted well and I got used to wearing them.

They make an AMAZING difference. It is so convenient to be able to see clearly and have my vision issues corrected, without the hassle of glasses.

multifocal contact lenses

The comfort and practicality of these lenses make them perfect for daily wear, and more importantly… perfect for me. Because they are daily disposable lenses they are convenient to put in, wear, and throw away (so no cleaning or storage… which is always handy!)

But what about being able to see?

They work really well. With my lenses, I no longer have trouble reading, looking at my computer screen close or focusing on items further away. There is no longer any squinting or moving screens/pages closer or further away to focus. I still find the whole concept of how they work rather clever and fascinating. They truly have transformed my ability to see well and function, glasses-free. They also work for going on holiday and travel too.

We have come a long way from the days of hard, gas permeable lenses. These lenses were not comfortable, cost a lot of money, and fell out of my eyes easily – I guess I am really that old, because those were the lenses I remember having to wear when I first started out using contact lenses.

At least Acuvue are helping me to deny my age, that little bit longer, and helping me to see better, and most importantly in comfort. That’s good with me!

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