Tween Takeover Tuesday – Tweensplaining, it’s what we do…

The tween is back and today she is sharing about something I call “Tweensplaining”.

Hi Emily here. My mum says that I have an annoying habit. She calls it tweensplaining..

Tweensplaining is something all tweens/teens will do sometime between the age of 10 to 19 – hence the name Tweensplaining. It is an act of explaining life to adults when they really don’t want you to. It is something that tweens/teens do to annoy the adults around them. Tweensplaining is  act of explaining things to them annoys them as they think they know everything and know better but really us tweens/teens know better because most adults are old, and forget things, or don’t understand what life is like now.

. I Tweensplain my mum all the time but she never really appreciates it.

I do things like:  I explain to her about cool, young famous people who my old mum has no idea about! She will often ask me who a famous person is then she acts all old and weird when I explain, and says that they look about twelve years old.

I have to tell her not to try and do the floss (she will hurt herself) and I have to tweensplain to her when she chooses things that she thinks are cool, but really aren’t.

I also like to help my mum in the supermarket as she always ends up fighting with the automatic machines, and it’s embarrassing so I take over whilst she mutters rude things about computers.

Another example of Tweensplaining is when I beg my mum to open a parcel. As soon as a parcel arrives I am desperate to open it as it might be something for me (it usually isn’t.) It sometimes takes days to get her to open a parcel and this really annoys me. Her record is about 8 days!!! She clearly needs my help to manage things, doesn’t she?

Grown ups need us tweens and teens around to keep them up to date, aware of the world and knowing things. We are useful, they just don’t believe us. One day my mum will be pleased she listened to me when I tweensplained to her why she shouldn’t be trying to sing like Lady Gaga, or at least not in public. Until then, I will keep trying to help her!

Grown ups need us tweens and teens to keep them on their toes!

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