Lets go fly a kite, with Kitedrone

*This is a review post. We were kindly sent a kite to review and share about. All opinions are our own*

March is the perfect time of year to fly kites where we live, and in fact is Kite Flying Month, and we have had some fairly windy weather, which has given us the opportunity to get out and try our hand at some kite flying.

We are very lucky to live near some open spaces where we can set up and fly kites and enjoy getting outside as a family to enjoy fresh air, and the simple but exhilarating fun of letting a kit loose and seeing it soar.

Kitedrone from Character Options are  the most amazing kites, which are fantastic for those who love kite flying but also for those who have never attempted it before. They are not boring run of the mill kites, and you can, if you want to, add a drone to your kite, for filming it in flight.

They are easy to assemble, and get set up to fly, and are great for kite flying beginners and those who are more experienced.

I haven’t flown a kite, since I was a child, and I had actually forgotten how much fun it can be.

We picked a perfect day. You don’t want it to be too windy, but you need enough wind to pick your kite up so it can fly (side note, don’t look at the weather and decide you don’t need a coat, like I did, kite flying in March is not as warm as I thought it would be, next time I will wear my coat, like I nagged my children to do)

Our kite is quite a large specimen so we picked a part of the park where we had space to let it loose and enjoy learning to fly it.

Setting the kite up

It’s super easy to assemble and get ready and doesn’t take long at all and the instructions are easy to follow. 

Kite in flight, then ahem, squabbling about who gets to have the next go

The kite also comes down and packs up easily too, which is handy.

I have to say that it’s an amazing feeling being in control of a kite and keeping it up in the air, and also not letting it fly away. It’s pretty exhilarating and it really is a fun way to get the family outside enjoying the fresh air. It can get a little competitive seeing who is the best at handling the kite, and even my “it’s not cool to hang out with my family in public” tweenager suddenly because enthusiastic and took part and enjoyed herself.

We had a blast, literally (it got pretty windy) and kite flying is something we will definitely be doing more of. I would in fact say that having a kite is a pretty budget friendly family activity, and cost wise these kites are reasonable and worth investing in as something to get everyone outdoors enjoying themselves.

We can’t wait to fly our kite again soon…

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