Project 365 – a photo a day – chips and sunshine

Project 365 a photo a day, for every day of the year. 

The husband promised me something, this morning as we both lay awake coughing hard, from the bug we have picked up, from our tweenager who was incredibly poorly last week. His words were “we can’t do many more winters like this, we need to make a plan”.

I can’t say what this means yet. I do know that as this winter, with it’s cold, damp, miserable weather, that isn’t a proper cold winter, with any real snow or anything to enjoy, and the germs and illness it brings, that render us sick for what seems like months from October to April, and once again has hammered my mental health, is finally  to an end, and as the days brighten, I am starting to feel better in myself.

We ate chips and mushy peas on the common near as the day ended, and talked about warmer places, then we went and visited the baby ducklings and goslings.

We need to start thinking about our future, and not what everyone around us thinks we should do and wants us to do.

Anyone want the chips we didn’t eat?



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