Our week in photos – 07/04/19-13/04/19

Welcome to our week in photos. This is our weekly catch up for both sets of grandparents who live abroad and don’t get to be as much a part of the daily madness of our lives as much as we and they would like. So we share here for them to get at least a snippet of what we get up to.

*The days out mentioned in this post are review posts, we will be sharing about those. Just for disclosure purposes*

So we skipped last week, because if you read our blog you will know that the husband and I ran away for the weekend and left the children with friends to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I did manage to throw some photos into a brief update here…

Safe to say we had a lovely weekend and it was a bit of a shock to come back to normal and back into parenting. We adjusted fast! 😉

This week has been fun, we have tried to keep to a normal ish routine rather than just sliding into random holiday mode chill (which doesn’t work for the boy or me, to be honest, we have learned the hard way) but doing some fun things too. We had a fantastic visit to Kidzania, and we also had a lovely time boating down the canal in London with Go Boats.

We are still all recovering from coughs, nasty viruses and lurgies, and I am very tired and run down, and trying to manage life with limited capacity, but the week is the usual mix of food, fun, cats, and handbags my children tell me are impractical and too expensive (see if you spot it, it was a very pretty handbag, but they were right, it’s too small and way to expensive)

This is my favourite photo from this week. The husband multi tasking, steering a boat, whilst eating a sandwich. He was only slightly disappointed that he couldn’t make the boat go faster (he muttered something about James Bond and a speedboat) but it wasn’t that kind of a day out. He did well though, having never driven a boat before. He will tell me off for sharing this very unglamorous photo but I think it’s fun.

We have some fun Easter plans this week and for the weekend, with Easter egg hunts, time with good friends, and the kids and I are going to try and make these rather fabulous diary free Easter eggs using this recipe from Glutarama, so watch this space to see how we get on and if we manage to make them for the husband, who loves Creme Eggs but can’t eat the normal milk version.

That was our week. I hope this week has treated you well, April is speeding by. Summer will be here soon.

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