Mental Health Wisdom – Antony Simpson

*This is a review post. I was kindly sent a copy of this book to read and share on our blog*

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 is upon us. Today I am sharing a review of the book Mental Health Wisdom by Antony Simpson.

Antony is a registered nurse, who has experience in the mental health and substance misuse fields. He is also diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder called Cyclothimic disorder. Being both a nurse and someone who deals with their own mental health challenges gives him a unique perspective on tackling mental health and how it’s viewed. 

The book is divided into three main sections, and can be read as a whole or dipped into for ongoing reference.


This first section is helpful for someone who may be living with mental health issues, or living with someone with mental health issues. It contains facts about mental health, how the mind works, some causes of mental health illness and a list of common conditions, and also rather interestingly a section on famous people who have experienced mental illness. I found this section very interesting, and informative.

Empathy Through Lived Experience:

This second section is more personal, and the author sharing his own experience of mental illness and admission to a mental health ward, and also talks about the impact of mental health illness on an individual, family, friends and people around them. It also talks about signs to look for when someone is struggling and the journey to recovery. This section is very honest and helpful, again from the joint perspective of someone as a user of the system and working in the system.

Life Hacks: 

This third and final section is a bit more of the practical side of things, self care, tips and ideas for looking after yourself and quick and easy ways to help improve your mental health. This is particularly useful again, coming from someone who has seen both sides of the mental health story and gives some great suggestions in a non patronising way.

This is a very refreshing and sensible book, written through the eyes of someone who knows how the system works from a professional point of view but also from the empathetic side of someone who has experienced the system as a patient and user. It’s easy to read and helpful. It is definitely a useful book to have around and it’s helpful to read as well as dip in and out of.

You can get your copy here.

A useful book to help with negotiating mental health, from a personal point of view.




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