Getting beach ready with Tesalate

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The summer holidays are here and many of us are lucky enough to be heading off to warm places to enjoy a summer break. You might be heading somewhere near a beach or a spot to swim, or where there is a swimming pool. Or you might be stay-cationing this year and planning on lots of trips to a local pool or place where you and the kids can enjoy the water.

We are very excited to be going away for a couple of weeks, and heading somewhere with a beautiful lake, where the children love spending time, swimming, and enjoying the lakeside beach area. The water is perfect for swimming and playing in, and it’s a perfect spot to spend time as a family whilst soaking up some sunshine and relaxing.

So, I am planning and packing. There’s a lot to cram into suitcases and bags and things I need to remember to take.

Now the kids are older, we don’t have as much “stuff” we need to take with us but we still need basics to make a day out at the lake, beach or pool go smoothly.

My list looks a little like this:

Sun cream, for kids and adults,

Swimming costumes,

Sun hats,

Books for me to read,

Water bottles,

Beach toys (because my kids still love to play on the beach)

Beach towels.

Packed in my bag will be our Tesalate sand free towels.

Because we are driving to our holiday destination, I have to manage space packing wise, and Tesalate towels are not only work well because they dry fast, and have amazing sand free technology to help keep them cleaner and more comfortable on the beach, but they are smaller and thinner than normal beach towels and can be folded so they are really neat and compact, which works beautifully when packing either your suitcases for travel, or a beach bag that needs a lot of things squeezed in.

Their towels are not only practical and packable but beautiful and stylish too. They don’t feel like your average towel, and are perfect for post beach drying off, or for lying on (in fact, I use mine as a mat for when I got to pilates, and exercise classes too)

They wash well, and dry fast, which is handy when you are on holiday.

Our swimming bag is packed, and I have the prettiest and most practical towel on the beach.

One thing sorted for our holiday, off my long list of things, at least!

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