Back to school – label everything…

*This is a review post, we were kindly sent some name labels to review*

If like me you are working on some back to school planning, or are sending your little one(s) to school for the first time, you have probably got a long list of things you have to get, or have already bought/sourced.

Getting all the new school uniform labelled is one thing, but then you come to all the other bits and pieces that you need to make sure are marked clearly so they don’t disappear during the first week of school, or need to be marked clearly so your kids know what belongs to them.  It can be really frustrating when you buy new kit, for kids for schools and other activities and it gets lost or borrowed and not returned because it’s not clearly marked. My policy is LABEL EVERYTHING.

Name labels are part of my back to school routine, and we always have a stash of them for adding to new things or for labelling items we don’t want getting lost.

We have a long list of things:

Water bottles, pencil cases, book bags, calculators, musical instrument cases, glasses cases, lunchboxes, water bottles, snack boxes, various books and notebooks, it seems to never end, and if possible, I try to encourage my kids to look after their possessions and not loose them, but I also like to help them by making sure stuff is clearly labelled, to lessen the chance of things going astray. It’s also helpful for teachers when items are clearly labelled, so when faced with a mountain of lunchboxes at the end of the school day it’s not a guessing game of who owns what to go home.

You could get handy with a permanent marker, and write names on everything, but I find it much easier to have clear and easy to use name labels which I can stick on everything, so my kids know what belongs to them.

These labels from MyNameTags are super handy, and because they are personalised it’s clear what belongs to who.

Easy to order and customise, and hardwearing and colourful, they are basically perfect for using on all the things you want to make ready for school, as well as for all the other activities your kids do, where things might get lost. We use them for dance class items, for water bottles for sports club, and everything in between that needs a clear name label. They also are great for inside shoes, which is a winner with me, hands down. Shoes getting lost is something we could all do without.

You can make them personal, with name and even add a number which is super handy if you want something to be returned to you, and they have a huge range of colours, patterns, little designs you can add, and fonts to choose, so whilst they are not only practical, they are fun too.

Also, if you are like me, and are a little, ahem, last minute, they don’t take long to arrive, so you can order what you need, and have them in time for school going back.

They are hardwearing and last well on things like lunch boxes and water bottles that need to be washed, and they stick on easily.

My kids also enjoy personalising their own sets, and choosing what style they want. It all helps to keep organised and things not getting lost.

In fact, I have actually considered getting some for myself to have at work to mark my coffee cup, and a few other things, to stop them being borrowed, or so they at least get returned to me. I don’t think kids should get all the fun things all the time. The only problem will be trying to decide how I want to personalise mine.

*They also make really hardwearing iron on labels for clothes, don’t forget to order some of those, too*



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