No mess face painting with Face Paintoos

*This is a review post. We were kindly sent some Face Paintoos to try*

We love face painting in our house. Both my kids love having their faces painted, and practicing on each other, and I do a little bit of face painting for my job, when we work at fairs and events, but sometimes, getting the face paints out and clean up afterwards is a bit more of an effort than I would like. So finding fun, safe and easy face painting options that work AND make the kids happy is always a good thing.

So Face Paintoos are a good solution for us.

Face Paintoos transform the magic of ‘face painting’ into a fun and easy activity for everyone. With Face Paintoos, it is simple to achieve great results every time!

No artistic skills required! Face Paintoos don’t smudge, they are quick and easy to apply and remove.

Face Paintoos Party Pack comes with 20 tattoos, including wild animals, magical creatures and cutest pets! Perfect for parties, playdates, school fetes or for everyday fun!

Removal wipes, applicator sponge and instructions included.

They are so easy to use, that my kids did their own faces, and didn’t need any help from me. My kids are a bit older though, so if you have younger children you might need to help them, a bit.

Big sister is in charge, and for once. there is is no squabbling because we all agree face painting is fun…

They are very easy to apply. It can be a little fiddly to get the sponge wet enough to get the tattoo to stick properly but with a little practice it works well. It’s as simple as using the skin tattoos you put on your arms but they are cut so they fit a face, and when they are applied and dried they look like you have had your face painted.

They come in fab colours, and some amazing designs, and you can get really creative, and make amazing faces, and they are great for quick face painting, so you could use them for a party, or event, or at a sleepover or playdate.

They do feel slightly tight on your face (yes, my kids did a Face Paintoo on me, but no, there are no pictures) but once you get used to that, they look good and they don’t smudge or make a mess when rubbed, which is really useful. I can also attest for the fact that they last for a goof while and don’t come off because my small son refused to wash his off for, ahem a few days… They are very long lasting… 😉

They do wash off, we used a combination of baby-wipes and soap and water. They do take a little bit of effort to come off we found, but then they do last well.

These would make a great gift for someone or a fun addition to your kids dressing up kit, and they are great for festivals (the tween took some with her, to a festival camping weekend she went to, and said they worked well over face painting) and they are definitely a fun and mess free alternative to face paints when you need them.

The beauty of these is you can come up with a fairly impressive look without much effort and skill, because let’s face it, a really good painted face takes a lot of time and skill, so this is a great way to replicate that.

Impressive tiger look, that went on easily, and lasted for ages. It looks good, doesn’t it? Scary tiger for the win, thanks to Face Paintoos!



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