Take your make up off when you walk in the door.

So I am not a beauty guru, I wouldn’t even call myself vaguely an expert, but I do have one tip and that is take your make up off when you walk in the door and get home.

I have started really paying attention to my skin in the last few years, trying out things that work for me, and learning what makes my skin feel good. This series is some tips and tricks and things I have learned that make my skin feel good. I am 43 but was recently told my skin doesn’t look that age, although I do look tired from a lot of lack of sleep, because I have been strict about sun exposure and a few other things, my skin is handling aging so far, ok.

take your make up off

I learned this trick when I went for a make up session to be a bridesmaid for a friend. She had paid for us all to have our hair and makeup done, and it was a bit of a treat. The lady who did my make up was chatting to me about cleansing and cleaning skin, and looking after it, and she told me this:

“When you get home, if you are not going out again, when you get in the door, take your make up off. Even if it’s only 4pm, or before dinner time. Take it off, use a good cleanser that works for your skin, and then either use your usual night time skincare, or put on a gentle treatment mask or skin oil”

Usually, I cleanse my skin before bed, or at least I used to. But her rationale was that cleaning your face and putting skincare treatments on it, earlier allows them to start working, to sink in and be absorbed and really do their job.

I tried it, and liked it so much, that now, when I walk in the door, arriving home, one of the first things I do is go upstairs and take my make up off, cleanse my face and at the moment I use a facial oil and massage tool to massage my face, and give it some TLC.

I currently use this skin oil and tool from Hayo’u but you can use any skincare that works and makes your skin glow and feel good.

take your make up off

I don’t find I need to do more at bedtime, other than some eye cream around my eyes, and some lip balm, and it is absorbed and my skin is well bed ready. If you have dry skin or use a lot of treatments you may want to add those, but it’s entirely dependent on your skin. If I need to give my skin an extra cleanse I use a battery-operated handheld cleansing device and some gentle foaming cleanser.

Basically, taking your make up off and giving your skin longer to enjoy some skincare whilst you spend the rest of your evening doing other things is not a bad thing, and my skin loves it.

That’s my non-guru skincare tip for this week. Next time, I am going to share about why I stopped using soap and harsh spot treatments on my skin. 

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