Our week in photos 20/10/19 – 27/10/19 ballet, circuses, more cake please?

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

We have had a busy, challenging week. The boy and I went to Ipswich this week, for him to attend a two day ballet course catering for boys wanting to learn more about dance and work with male dancers. Then we rushed back to London to go to the circus for a family treat. Then we spent Thursday this week at The Royal Ballet school in London, so the boy could see what it might be like to attend some courses there. Our next step will be applying for him to attend there and another ballet school for some more serious focused ballet courses in 2020. It is a big life choice that we are slowly and gently working on, and decisions about school and secondary school will be harder to make than it was for his sister who was very straightforward and needed a school with an excellent science and maths department to support her desire to venture into STEM subjects and the career choices she wants to make. Dance is not a gentle or easy career path. We shall see.

We also had some really good news about Layla, who is it seems really as tough as old boots and has nothing major wrong with her heart, despite what the vet had said about some concerns. Much relief and yes, a few tears shed.

We ended our week with lunch with friends, and a visit to Richmond Park and some pumpkin carving.

Next week is half term, and it is the first time I will be considered working “full time” whilst juggling kids on school holidays. I am not sure how it will go. Wish me luck. We have plans to have some family time, visit Dad at his new office, visit the British Museum, I will be working and also trying to study, and manage all the other plates that need to be kept spinning too.

This is my favourite photo from this week. Boy, and enormous breakfasts, because boys who do 7 hours of dance a day need to fuel up. Thank goodness for Premier Inn and kids’s eat free breakfasts is all I can say.

You can also see what we got up to here, in our weekly video. 


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    • It is a really tough course to get on and he may not, we shall have to see. We are looking at other schools for him too, so he can have as many options as he can

    • To be fair, M has only really started to be less picky in the last year or so, with some OT input and lots of gentle work on it, he still has texture issues but he’s less anxious and will eat a lot of what he likes. It’s not easy to get them to eat sometimes, is it?

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