3 Common Carpet Stains and How to Deal With Them

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There is no more welcoming surface as you walk through a door than a carpeted floor. They have a warmth and beauty that wooden floors simply don’t have, adding real character to a room as well as comfort for your feet. Carpeting will never go out of fashion, but that also means, of course, that carpet stains will also remain a part of daily life. Carpet stains can quickly make a great carpet look less than inviting, but the good news is that you don’t have to suffer them for long. Here are remedies for three of the most common carpet stains, allowing you to enjoy a fabulous carpet year after year.

Pet Problems

We love our pets, but somehow, they don’t seem to treat our carpets with as much reverence as we do. They can walk mud over the fabric, drop food onto it, and it is even worse if they haven’t yet been toilet trained. Some of these stains can become ground in, so the sooner you get to work removing them, the better. Take away any easily removed debris and then mix together two pints of warm water with one-quarter of a cup of vinegar. Diluted vinegar can be a great all-round cleaner, and not just for your windows. Spray this solution onto your carpet and leave it in place for around five minutes. Blot the surface dry and the stain should be gone.


The vinegar method is great to remove the little ‘accidents’ that pets can have, but what about the mud that they or children (or, let’s face it, adults) can stomp into your carpet? Firstly, vacuum the affected area of carpet thoroughly, taking up as much surface debris as possible. Mix one teaspoon of detergent (washing up liquid, for example) with a cup of mildly warm water – don’t be tempted to use bleach. Use a white cloth to dab this liquid onto the carpet and repeat until the stain has vanished.

Wine Stains

Wine stains are common and especially problematic, so we’ve saved the best and most effective carpet cleaning solution until last. Whether the stain that’s afflicted your carpeted floor is red or white wine, or anything else, a professional carpet cleaning service will sort it out. Expert carpet cleaners Fulham and beyond will be able to assess the stain and use the best and quickest method to eradicate it.

Look for professionals with carpet cleaning experience, and leading certification including NCCA and WoolSafe, for extra peace of mind as well as a clean carpet. The main advantage of using a professional carpet cleaning service is that they have a number of solutions at their disposal, from steam cleaning to dry compound cleaning, so you can be sure of a great result.

Professional carpet cleaning can be the solution to just about any carpet stain you can think of, leaving it looking as good as new. If methods such as the vinegar and water or detergent and water solutions don’t work, call in the cleaning experts. Don’t forget that time can be of the essence, so don’t let the stains become worked into the fibers of your beautiful carpet.

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