How MyBuBelly works for me…

*This is a collaborative post in partnership with MyBuBelly*

I shared a little while ago about using the MyBuBelly system to help us get my body in a good place to try and conceive. The children would like a little sister (well the boy actually wants twins, but let’s not go there!) so this system is perfect for helping us try and achieve that. A healthy pregnancy and baby is the goal but a little sister is the demand… 😉

Using the MyBuBelly system is very easy, and once you get into the rhythm and routine, it becomes part of your day. You get set up on the app and the system and Eve, who is what I call “my pregnancy project manager” keeps track of you.

Stage one is about working out where your body is and using the diet plan prescribed by MyBuBelly to help maximize your chances of conceiving and helping increase the chances of having a boy or a girl depending on what you want. In this initial stage you are testing to see what your pH is when you are ovulating, the length of your cycle, and working out what you are eating then adjusting your diet accordingly.


MyBuBelly is easier to follow than similar methods that were developed in the 1970s and 1980s. It also ensures you’re eating a balanced diet and meeting your daily nutritional requirements, which means there’s no risk of deficiency.

All women of childbearing age can follow the program, and it can be adapted to fit anyone through our personalized coaching (to meet individual nutritional needs, irregular cycles, for women who don’t get their period, etc.)

It’s completely NATURAL and SAFE.

It’s also very efficient and easy.

You do have to stick to the program and adhere to the diet, and what is prescribed supplement wise. Because you get everything you need sent to you in the boxes it’s all pretty much done for you. You take a supplement every morning and evening, calcium, magnesium and B6 vitamins, folic acid and vitamin D3 which are all recommended when trying for a healthy pregnancy and baby and you monitor your pH using the special testing sticks sent to you in the box. Eve monitors your cycle, reminds you via SMS or email to take your supplements and also contacts you when you need to test your urine for pH and ovulation checks.

You can see my video of what comes in the box, showing you how it’s all set up for you and very efficient. You don’t need to buy anything extra or work out things for yourself.

We have been in Stage one, monitoring my cycle, managing my pH levels, and working out what my body is doing. Eve is very patient and helpful, and you can contact her via message on the app to chat through any questions, concerns or issues you may have. She is a font of knowledge and she can help you adapt to the diet if you have food allergies or are vegetarian.

For me, Stage One has been relatively easy. I have had to cut back on my coffee consumption, but taking the supplements, monitoring my diet, and eating the right foods, and making sure the app is updated has become part of my daily routine, and pretty much automatic. You are not supposed to get pregnant in Stage One, so you do need to be careful, which we have been.

What’s next?

Stage Two, continuing with the plan, supplements, and diet and now we can try and see if we can take it to the next level. Watch this space to see what happens…

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