A day out in London

This is a collaborative post. The spending money was gifted by Hotels.com, but all views are my own.

London has to be one of my favourite cities and I love spending time exploring our city, visiting new places, or enjoying spaces we know well. London is, I think, a place that you think you know, but actually, there is always something new to find, see or do.

Something I love to do is to take myself or the family, or just the husband and I, up to London and spend a whole day exploring, finding nice places to eat, people watching, and being tourists in our own city. A day having fun, usually walking a lot, followed by dinner somewhere then a night in a London Bridge hotel is basically my idea of having a staycation in the city I love.

London Bridge and its surrounds on both sides of the river, north and south is a favourite area of mine, with so much to see and do, old and new.


Old and new, the Shard in all its glory, is always worth taking a snap of, as you walk across the river.

London is eclectic and the area around London Bridge is full of strange little alleyways like Clink Street and one of the cities oldest prisons, to the remains of ancient palaces and cathedrals.


The Rose window, part of what remains of Winchester Palace, on the south bank of the river, nestled amongst new office buildings and places to eat, reminding you how old the city of London really is.

It is always worth doing a little bit of research to get an idea of what you want to do and see when you plan a visit to a city like London, even if you decide to deviate from the plan, it helps to know what you think you might do.


The Golden Hinde. Not just a boat, but a ship full of history.

Because I am a bit of a history buff, I always try and find a way of dragging my family to visit places of historical interest. They usually don’t mind too much, and it’s fun to learn and explore.


You need to eat to keep up your energy up to be able to walk around and there are plenty of places to enjoy lunch, and rest for a bit, from the familiar chains to small independent cafés.

One of my favourite places is Borough Market and you can literally spend hours walking around experiencing a sensory overload of food stalls, trying to decide which ones you want to spend your money on.


London will always keep you busy, and I don’t believe you can ever get tired or bored when you visit. I am already planning my next trip and what I want to see, do and find.

Do you have a favourite city to explore?

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