Foam alive. Sensory fun that’s not messy.

*This is a review post, we were kindly sent a product to try*

I am always on the lookout for sensory play ideas for work and home, and ones that are non-messy usually works best. Messy play doesn’t need to be stressful and require lots of clean up, there are toys, and resources out there that can work, be educational, and provide hours of fun too. Foam Alive is a great, soft, tactile, non-messy foam that is perfect for all sorts of play.

Foam Alive

Flip it to flow and watch it go! It magically comes to life! Soft, squishy, fluffy foam that mysteriously moves in “Flow Motion”. Place Foam Alive in your hands and let it flow through your fingers! It looks like it is actually melting! It is is “Mess Free” and easy to clean up. Plus it never dries out! You will be mesmerized for hours by how it moves and feels! Once you start playing with it, you won’t be able to put it down.

Hour Glass packaging is also a reusable storage container. An easy way to store your foam alive!

Foam Alive is the soft, squishy, fluffy foam that magically comes to life. It’s totally addictive!

Foam Alive moves in flow motion!

You’ll be mesmerized by its movement. Foam Alive looks like it is melting as you let it flow through your fingers

Foam Alive is mess-free! It’s not sticky or wet and easy to clean up, plus it never dries out

It’s really good stuff and there is no mess, no fuss, no having to make recipes or comb Pinterest for ideas. This foam is easy to set up, doesn’t spread or stain and it’s fun to watch and play with. It can go back in it’s container and be used again and doesn’t try out. It’s also good value for money budget-wise too and makes a great gift idea. It works well for toddler groups too, as a sensory and educational sensory idea.

I find it rather fascinating and my kids love playing with it, you can see it moving and forming it’s shapes, almost like it really is alive and it’s good for introducing some science and learning.

Definitely a winner around here and a non-messy messy play idea that goes down well every time. You can buy it from Smyth’s Toys

You can see Foam Alive in action, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

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