Mental Health Challenges in Schools today.

There are many mental health challenges in schools today. There is a lot of pressure on children, with the rise of social media use, substance abuse, bullying, exam pressure, and lack of support systems to help parents navigate and manage their children’s needs. Education experts and mental health specialists are working together to try and help families.

Mental health challenges in schools today

It can be hard and frustrating to deal with mental health challenges your child is facing, and you may not know where to turn to, or who to ask for help, but being as supportive as you can be, communicating with your school and making sure your child/ren always know you are there to support and help them and work with their school to support them is key. Being aware of the issues faced by our children today is vital. Making sure they are aware of the issues they may face on social media, ensuring they are managing their school workload, that they are getting enough sleep and eating well is not easy but it all can help.

Making sure you are aware of the polices and procedures your school has in place to support children and help them with issues can arm you with the ability to know who to speak to if you have any concerns about your children and keeping a good working relationship with your school will ensure you can reach out if you need to seek help or advice.

It can feel like a minefield but there are ways to help our children in this challenging time and assist them in managing their mental health during their school days.

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