Omelet & Rice – when the kids won’t eat fish fingers.

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When we were in Bangkok visiting my dad, we spent a lot of time eating out, in food halls and cafes, because that is the best way to experience food in Thailand. Sometimes it was a bit trickier because my kids were little then and spicy foods and new tastes were not always a win. But we discovered omelet & rice and that solved a few mealtime issues.

Omelette & rice is basically exactly that. A freshly cooked omelet with steamed or stir-fried rice. Simply cooked, sometimes with soy sauce or herbs added. It’s cheap, filling, and relatively nutritious and easy. It is now something I cook at home too.

Like most mums, I have those days where I look in the fridge or freezer and either realize I need to go shopping or I want something quick and easy.

My kids don’t like fish fingers, or baked beans, so those are out as an option. We do pull out chicken nuggets, potato waffles and all those other staples that I know they like, but they adore omelet and rice is easy to cook and never refused and I always have a bag of rice in the cupboard and eggs to hand so it’s my go-to “need to feed the kids” meal.

The husband loves it too, and I tart his up with chili, herbs and extra soy sauce.

This is a tweaked version of what I watched the food hall cooks make us in Bangkok but basically you can serve it any way you like depending on tastes and likes in your house.

To feed the kids I use 5 eggs, and if I am feeding all of us I use 10 eggs. I beat the eggs together, and then using a flat non-stick pan, I heat some oil (I use a flavorless oil) and I gently fry some chopped garlic and spring onions (if you don’t have those then plain is fine, or you can add onion if you have it) and then I pour in the egg mix and using a spatula I “manipulate” the omelet to make sure all the liquid is hitting the pan, and I lift the edges so it all cooks evenly. It takes about three minutes to make an omelet. I cook one big one, which I then divide into two or four parts, depending on who’s eating.

Meanwhile, I have used our trusty rice steamer to steam up enough rice for four people. I prefer my rice steamed, but you can follow instructions on a packet and boil it too.

Once the rice has cooked I like to add a little soy sauce to give it some flavour and I serve it on a plate, with the omelet on top. The children prefer theirs plain with a little soy sauce, but the husband and I like ours with extra bits so I add fresh coriander to the rice and then chili flakes or chopped fresh chili on top of the omelet.

You can add anything you like to add more protein or veggies, sometimes I chuck some frozen peas into the rice or I will add some sliced ham or leftover meat to the egg mix. You can pretty much work out what works for you.

It literally takes the time the rice cooks to make and serve and it’s always eaten without complaint. If they won’t eat fish fingers and baked beans, at least I have this up my sleeve. Mum win!

omelette & rice
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