A little Swizzles Valentine’s Day love

*This is a review post. I was kindly sent some items review*

Valentine’s Day for me is all about fun, quirky, making people smile and not taking it too seriously. Swizzles make that very easy and you can make someone in your life happy with some of their proper and what I call old fashioned sweets this year.

When I say old fashioned I don’t mean boring or old. I mean sweets we all love and remember. Love Hearts? Parma Violets? Sherbert Dips? What’s not to smile about?

We are big fans in our house of Swizzles sweets, and they are great for treats, party bags, little surprises, prizes, for keeping a stash in the car to pull out on long journeys, or for when you just want a proper sweet.

You can personalise your sweet treats to bring an extra bit of love on Valentine’s day or for a special day, and make it even more fun to surprise someone or even treat yourself. It’s also handy because if it’s got your name on it, then no one else can steal them, and eat them, or if they do they can’t claim they didn’t know they were yours (can you tell we have a bit of a problem in our house where sweets are concerned?)

My personal favourites are the Love Hearts with their well known little phrases and sayings on them, my kids find it hard to choose their favourites. You can order a gift hamper of their sweets and treats with a little something that everyone likes to keep them happy, or fill it with personal favourites. Their classic sweets haven’t changed which makes me happy and brings back childhood memories.

Price-wise they make a perfect gift or surprise too and if you personalise your sweets you give them that little extra touch.

So for us, Swizzles is a fun way to bring a little happiness to Valentine’s Day. The only problem I have is making sure MY favourites don’t get eaten by everyone else. Would it be wrong to hide these or do I have to share??


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