Things that have made me happy this week.

Life can be tough, but as my therapist says, there is always something to try and see in a good light. So welcome to Things That Have Made Me Happy this week. Sharing the good things amongst the tough and sometimes hamster wheel slog that life feels like.

Things that have made me happy

This week has been hard. I am not ashamed to admit that I am struggling with some major anxiety right now, over a couple of things, and it’s been tough to try and get my head in a better space. But, life carries on. As Freddie Mercury sang “the show must go on” (insert Queen video here for all those who are fans…

Food made me happy this week. A friend treated me to lunch and Vietnamese food, which was amazing. We also made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday (although we ate ours on Sunday, don’t tell anyone)

Happy Post made me happy this week. We have had a couple of lovely deliveries for blogging which made me smile, and I will be sharing about those next week, but I also ordered myself some beautiful earrings from Jodie Fern brought a big grin to my face and I can’t wait to wear them this weekend.

My Children. They might drive me a bit mad, and don’t tell me when we have run out of toilet roll, but they do make me laugh, a lot and that’s the most important thing.

Things that have made me happy

We are slightly obsessed with Pokoemon in this house and we celebrated Pokemon Day Pikachu style, of course.

Short and sweet, but just a few things that have kept me going this week. What has made you happy this week?

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