Our week in photos – not quite back to normal but nearly.

Our last week in photos was almost a month ago before life went a little crazy, we were first told to “social distance” then “lockdown”. We are not quite back to normal because I haven’t been taking as many photos as I normally would, but we have got the odd snap from there and there and I was at least able to send my mother in law a video of how March has been for us. You can see that here if you fancy.

We are adjusting to life in lockdown and getting on with it.

I am waiting for official confirmation that I will be furloughed for at least two months if not more whilst the virus outbreak is at it’s worst. I will at least be able to blog and write.

Our week in photos

Some of us are adjusting to lockdown ok and some of us are not coping with the change. Jasper is delighted to have us home all the time and is probably going to be a bit fatter by the time life goes back to normal, but poor Layla is very shell shocked at having all the humans home ALL the time. She has taken to hiding and being very tetchy about life. I am hoping she will also adjust or it won’t be just the humans in the house that possibly need therapy when we go back to normal.

That’s it from me for this week. Short and sweet. Hopefully, our week in photos will be back to much more normal and busy next week. We are going embark on some DIY projects and gardening over the Easter break, watch this space to see if we can survive lockdown and working together too…

How has your week been?

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  1. Must be so strange for animals having families at home all the time. Our dogs are outside dogs but loving having even more of us around. And the 2 puppies are getting 3-4 walks a day with N when he’s not doing school work.

    • The cats are getting used to it. We almost got a dog this spring and now I am kind of glad we waited as walks would be harder here because it’s still very busy. Glad yours are ok!

  2. I am still waiting for news on my furlough but apparently my boss is unlikely to hear until towards the end of April. It is such a frustrating time, I like you, my photo;s are few and far between

  3. Sending big hugs and glad to see you back. Tweet me or message me if you want anyone to talk to. I think the pets are finding it hard too, I know my kitty is struggling with it. I hope the furloughing goes ok. I think it’s hard x

  4. I’d never thought about it, but it must be nearly as strange for the cats as it is for you to at home all the time. Hopefully everyone will adjust to this life in time, because I don’t think we’re going to be back to normal any time soon.

  5. Our pussy cat thinks its great we are home all the time and he is already putting on weight. Sorry to hear about your job I hope you manage to make the most of it with DIY. We are also planning on working on the garden over Easter. It has been very neglected. Take care x

  6. Fingers crossed with the furlough! It is quite a big change for everyone in the family, including animals. Hope poor Layla will see the positive side of having everyone around all the time. I’m struggling with that personally, with being among my guys 24/7, and long for those blissful mornings when everyone is at work and school and I can be left in peace and quit to do my own things.

  7. It must be strange for the animals to adjust to it all without understanding what is going on, after all we find it hare enough and we do. Hope you get the furlough.

    • Thanks, so far so good with furlough. We shall see. I reckon the cats will need more therapy than us!!

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