How to store your family car in lockdown

*This is a collaborative post we hope will be helpful*

Looking after your car during this time of lockdown is important. Owning a car comes with a huge responsibility. Your car needs your undivided attention. We are living in uncertain times, especially with the current lockdown situation.

Now it might seem tempting to just park your car in the garage and just forget about it but that is only going to stimulate more problems and make you pay heavy bills later. A family car is meant to be a safe vehicle because our kids’ safety is at stake too.

You can follow these simple (at home) tips in order to ensure your car’s health is not tarnished during this period of time.


1) Start your car and release hand brakes – You have to make it a habit to start your engine from time to time. This will reverse the negative impacts of your car standing idle. A smart approach is to release hand brakes to avoid seizing up. Leaving the hand brake on is only going to cause mechanical damages. Just park your car safely in the garage so signs of wear and tear can be prevented.

2) Look after your car tyres – Your car wheels hold a very significant place and determine your car’s overall performance. Check your tyres carefully to see if the pressure is right and over-inflation or under inflation is not a symptom. Clean your tyres properly and examine the surface for any cracks. If you feel your tyres are not in the optimum condition – then you can get a new replacement done – by sitting at home. Many reputable brands are offering local mobile tyre fitting services – for example if you live in Wakefield and want to get new tyres there are many local garages in the area. One recommendation is Ossett Tyre House (01924271081) where you can book your mobile tyre service appointment online in Wakefield.

3) De-clutter your car – Give your car a special treatment and clean it thoroughly. You can do this by de-cluttering your car and keeping everything organised. This tip will help your kids stay safe and improve your car’s hygiene. 

4) Don’t choose to buy second-hand tyres – We all are going through an economic crunch and some people might want to buy second-hand tyres. But this is not a good idea as worn out tyres can only bring more issues. They are already depreciated and hence not a safe option.

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