Life in Lockdown – We want to break free. But we won’t.

Life in Lockdown. I never thought I would have to write those words. But over three weeks ago, like much of the world, we were told we had to STAY HOME. It isn’t optional and we are doing our very best to protect our health care system and stop the spread of a virus that is causing devastation around the world. Trying to balance my anxiety around illness and death whilst also running a home, supporting the husband who is working full time at home, educating one child and supervising the education of the other, whilst also try to work myself is, shall we say challenging. But we have to do this, we don’t have much choice. This is our weekly diary of how things are going for us.

Life in lockdown

Ok, so we do want to break free. Are you humming a Queen song yet? But we can’t. So we won’t. I would love to be able to just take the boy to his dance classes, as normal, be able to meet friends, go to the places we love. I find the whole of the UK lockdown bizarre and swing between denial and living in our own safe little bubble and feeling intense rage because frankly, I think our government has made a total mess of handling this crisis and people have died needlessly due to their poor and frankly blood on hands response. But enough of that. You can follow me on Twitter where I share my rants, this isn’t the space for it.

1) How are you feeling/coping? We are doing ok. Life at home is good, mostly with the odd wobble. Homeschool is going well and the teen is working hard and getting a lot of praise from her teachers for doing so well given the circumstances. We have the odd moment of “WHY is this still happening?” but we are coping. I cried this week, when I realised the likely hood that our much needed summer holiday won’t be happening, unless a miracle occurs in terms of lockdown both here and in France, and we have seen two lots of friends in real life, very properly socially distanced, one dropped over a present for the husban’s birthday, and we got to chatt from a distance and the other was friends who help me with my groups, when we socially distancededly (that’s a new word I have just made up) dropped off some stuff to them too. It was nice to see real humans and talk. I miss that.
2) What are you doing to keep yourself occupied? Blogging, feeding the kids, triaging calls for a local charity feeding people who are isolated and shielded, homeschooling, and also trying to do some crafting and creative stuff for me. We are also doing a lot of DIY this weekend and next weekend which should keep us very busy.
3) How are you dealing with everything at the moment – are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed? We have groceries delivered, due to one of the house being shielded, and if we need medication or something urgent I go out, masked and brave. Other than that we go out for exercise and we are in the garden a l.ot which helps
4) What advice do you have for others? I think everyone is feeling the strain now, and it’s very tempting to just stop the social distancing. Please don’t. The beaches look lovely, and yes, some shops are set to open but please remember this is not over yet, and we need to keep going. Our government are basically idiots who want us to use our common sense so they can blame us when it goes wrong. Don’t give them an excuse to do that.
5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business. I ordered a rather gorogeus dragon fly necklace from Etsy Now I just have to hide it from the teen who likes to steal all my things.
6) How has your routine been this week? We have stuck to it and it’s has been pretty calm

7) Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over in the past 7 days? Yes, I want to be able to drive somewhere, let my kids run around freely, and be able to enjoy a family meal somewhere without worrying about the plague…

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Life In A Break Down

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  1. I feel your pain on summer holidays and trips! We now potentially have two big trips cancelled this year which is heartbreaking… Sending lots of love and care your & your family’s way!

    • It’s awful, isn’t it? I am sorry about your trips. That’s not easy. I hope you can rebook them?

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  3. I am with you on everyone feeling the strain now I think the idea of just giving in a little is getting more and more tempting but we need to remember not to.

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