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Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

our week in photos

We have had a good week. It’s been interesting, with another birthday in lockdown, this time for the husband, but we made the best of it, and he had a good day. A friend appeared to socially distancingly like sing Happy Birthday and we had cake, presents and a mammoth water fight in the garden too.

We have also commenced another mammoth DIY project, with repainting the boy’s room, which is much needed but a long and hard job, especially with the kids around. They swing between being helpful, squabbling and behaving like unhelpful but bossy project managers. We will share some photos when it’s done. Meanwhile send thoughts, prayers and gin our way…

I think it’s now half term, I must admit despite how long Lockdown has been, the days and weeks do seem to fly and I am mostly doing ok. We sadly had to postpone our summer holiday, which was planned for later in the summer, which did give a moment or two of anger and frustration. If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am fairly vocal about how incompetent our government has been about the handling of this crisis and pandemic, so I will save you from that here.

We did go out this week. We needed to go collect medication from the pharmacy, and then we were able to have a socially distanced coffee and run around, which was good for all of us. It feels strange to be out, we have been in lockdown since March, and seeing people doing what looks sort of normal but isn’t did feel weird.

This is my favourite photo from this week. Apparently they think it’s funny to pose like the people we often see doing yoga near where we live. Thankfully no people practicing yoga were seen to be offended when I took this picture…

our week in photos

And now we roll into half term, and the weeks and days roll on. I hope this week has treated you kindly, you can see our weekly video of our week in photos here too…

our week in photos

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  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! It sounds like he had a good day.
    Ahh! My fella is decorating the hallway and up the stairs and it’s such a faff with the kids. I’ve never known them go up and down the stairs so much. lol Good lick.
    hehehe! That photo did make me chuckle. x

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband, how lovely for his friend to turn up. The yoga poses are quite good and lovely to be able to get a coffee out also

  3. Great photo! It always surprises me how different life is in London to the rest of the UK. You would never seen anyone outside doing yoga in Gloucestershire! I’m glad your husband had a good birthday. Good luck with the decorating! I’ve definitely had enough of decorating for now.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

    Hope the decorating goes well. I want to paint my kitchen but still a bit wary of going out to get paint

  5. Sounds like your husband had a fun-filled birthday. Hhahahha what adorable kids. Cute photo, I try to stand like a flamingo for as long as possible, whenever I can

  6. That photo made me smile. I’m glad you were able to get out for a while and enjoy a socially distanced coffee. It is a weird feeling being outside and doing “normal” things but in a way that is so not normal. I agree with you that the government could have handled all of this much better than they have done. I’m glad that your husband had a nice birthday and the water fight sounds like a lot of fun. #project366

  7. love the yoga imitation. Happy Belated birthday to your husband. A water fight sounds like a good way to spend the day in this weather.
    The decorating sounds like a nightmare. usually the issue is where to put stuff while you decorate but still leave them somewhere to sleep.

  8. Happy Birthday, we are coming up to having two more birthdays in lock down during June. We are planning on decorating the littlest bedroom too so feel your pain. Hope it is going well.

  9. Loving the image! πŸ˜‰ It’s funny how many people have taken up hobbies such a yoga or cycling since lockdown began! A mammoth water fight sounds awesome, especially in this weather! Just what is needed to cool down! Hope your husband had a lovely birthday despite all the craziness! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x #Project366

  10. Hope your husband had a good birthday. We are approaching birthday season here too and I am worried about how we are going to celebrate, especially for Sebby who was so looking forward to his party

    • It is so hard, isn’t it. We are going to try and make it up to our kids when this is all over. My birthday is next…

  11. Lol, love the yoga photo. I’ve been going to the village shop occasionally, and it’s weird being out in the car and seeing people. But being in the sticks we don’t really see lots of people anyway.

  12. Splendid photo! Love the poses and the selfie-taking – just as I’ve seen some pics on Insta of certain fitness-fanatics doing, admiring themselves while pouting in the camera.
    Happy belated birthday to your husband. It’s lovely of your friend to mark the occasion in the fun way.

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